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Jan 28, 2007 12:18 PM

how long to cook pearled barley?

The bag says an hour and a half, but all the recipes say about 30 minutes. I'm looking to drain it and make some sort of barley salad.

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  1. Barley is like rice. It take a long time to cook and absorb the water. If you drain it, it will be hard and very unappetizing.

    1. pearled barley should cook in 20-30 minutes. taste as it cooks and see!

      1. You can drain barley after it's fully cooked. It's hard to judge time exactly -- it can really vary with the size and age of the barley itself. On average, I'd say plan on at least 45 minutes to actually cook the barley first.

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          well it got tender/firm in about 40 minutes. I drained it and tossed it with olive oil, lemon juice, toasted pine nuts, and radishes. I was inspired by the article in the New York Times Magazine section today to cook some "whole foods". The barley had been sitting in my cabinet for months!

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            I've done a nice barley salad with olive oil, lemon juice, apples and mint. It's also good sprinkled in salads with spinach.

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              Are you sure it was pearled barley. I use whole barley and that cooks in about 45 min.

          2. Barley is really nice with mushrooms, too! I made a mushroom barley pilaf recently from epicurious and it took about 45 minutes for the pearl barley to cook; we enjoyed it!

            1. I make Barley risotto all the time. Very healthy.

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                sounds lovely, can you post a receipe to me.