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Jan 28, 2007 11:55 AM

Whole Wheat Pizza In West LA

Anyone know of anyplace in West LA that has tasty whole wheat pizza crust (other than CPK)? Delivery a plus. Thanks.

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  1. I believe Wild Flour has/had one - haven't eaten there since the 80s so this is old info... They're kind of substantial things - like a heavy Chicago-style crust.

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      Did you mean "Earth, Wind & Flour"? Because they have a whole wheat pizza dough option and they say theirs is "Boston Style" pizza:

      Their printed to-go menu says: "Delivery, Catering & Take Out"

    2. There is a pizza place in the 3rd street farmers market that offers whole wheat pizza. I'm not sure if they deliver

      1. There's a really good place called Pizza Rustica on the sunset strip. They have other locations on Beverly dr. in Beverly Hills and on Ventura in Sherman Oaks. I order the Margherita pizza with bell pepers on top then as soon as it comes out of thier oven they dash fresh seasonings like sage and maybe basil or oregano for the added taste. PERFECT! sometimes it may need extra sause so I usually take a side to go. I think they do deliver but I just stop by on my way home, they are so friendly. I tried to order for super bowl but they were out of wheat crust :( So i tried the CPK version... very disapointing!
        Pizza Rustica #'s:(323)656-6800 hollywood, (310)550-7499 B.H., (818) 788-7667 S.O.
        Oh and there is one more location downtown on 9th that I am not familiar with.

        1. CPK does not use whole wheat, it is honey wheat which is not must better nutritionally than white dough.

          Earth, Wind, and Flour does a whole wheat pizza.

          1. Damiono's Mr Pizza on Fairfax does incredible whole wheat pizza and great pizza in general. They also deliver until 3:00a!!! I really can't say enough about this place. Some of the best pizza in terms of price and convenience I've had in LA. They also do a mean cannoli