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Jan 28, 2007 11:52 AM

Heading to Orlando

I searched Chowhound for Orlando Restaurant recommendations, and my search turned up empty. I am staying downtown, any suggestions in Downtown or Winter Park area?

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  1. Not sure why your search was empty.
    I did a search for Winter Park: Beluga and Popolo recently had items.
    Also do a search for Bob Mervine, he has some writeups as well.

    1. Try Chan's for Chinese Dim Sum it is served every day on Coloniel Dr.

      1. i always enjoy perusing these e-zine things for reviews: (you can search by location, type of dining, $$, etc)

        i was going to recommend some places, but realized that i haven't been to downtown orlando in ages. last place i visited was the tiki bar restaurant on wallstreet - you can definitely find some decent food and fun ambience in that area (the globe, tiki room, etc)

        1. Dude, not sure what search engine you are using.

          I just put orlando restauants into the chowhound search engine, no quotes, and got 840 replies.

          Chan's on Colonial is good for dim sum, but just around the corner is Ming's Bistro. better,fresher good, more variety, and very very clean with great service.


          1. i put in "orlando restaurants" maybe that is what limited me