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Good salsa & chips in San Gabriel Valley?

Seeking good salsa & chips from restaurants and Mexican markets in the SGV. Prefer chunky/salsa fresca type salsas. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I always love the table salsa and chips at Mijares in Pasadena. They have two locations - one on Pasadena Avenue between Californina and Del Mar and another on Washington and Allen. They have the best table salsa I have ever had at a mexican rest.

    1. El Toreo Cafe on Fair Oaks (just south of Colorado Blvd.) in Old Town Pasadena, and next to the Cheesecake Factory.

      1. Pacos in Arcadia (Foothills and 2nd) has pretty good chips and salsa. The salsa is chunky but if you like some heat to it then it may not be your favorite. Peppers near the Santa Anita racetrack's salsa is pretty chunky too and has some heat to it. Just to warn you I'm a bit weaksauce when it comes to spicy things so what I think is spicy may not apply to you. :)

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          For me, it's all about the chips - and PACO'S can't be beat in the chips department!!! very thick and fresh... no stale, thin chips here!!!

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            But their salsa has a very "off" taste to me.

        2. They have homemade chips and fresh salsa. Be warned, their "hot" salsa packs some real heat.

          Los Toros Meat Market
          8210 Garvey Ave (and San Gabriel Blvd)
          Rosemead, CA

          1. My FAVORITE chips and salsa is La Tolteca in Azusa. 210 E to Azusa Ave offramp, North. ABout 2-3 blocks up on the right.

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              i agree w/ La Tolteca...best chips and salsa; great for parties. I love their chuncky guacamole as well when i don't have time to make my own...

            2. Caramba's in Alhambra on the border with El Sereno/South Pasadena. It is my favorite watering hole in the area. Great salsa, guacamole, chips, and Cadillac margaritas

              1. La Tolteca in Azusa is by far the best. Many people go there to buy them for private parties and dinners

                1. El Sereno Caniceria...or Amigo's on Colorado.........i love the chips and salsa!

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                    Where is El Sereno Carniceria? I would love to try it. What else do you recommend? Thanks!

                  2. Wanted to give this old thread another go-around and so far my favorite salsas are from Paco's in Arcadia and La Tolteca in Azusa. Just looking for tasty, chunky salsa without the heat factor. Any other places in the SGV that fall into this category?

                    1. Is East LA too far...just off Evergreen - there's a tiny hole in the wall - family owned - restaurant named Ciro's. I LOVE their chips and salsa. It's homemade chips and the first bowl of salsa is complimentary, but you'll have to pay for the second...
                      The salsa is chunky tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and CHUNKS of avocados! It's delicious!