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Jan 28, 2007 11:33 AM

Good Eats Near Midway?

We are mom and son from the southwest on a visit to Beloit College for a scholarship interview. We will have a Saturday evening at a Midway hotel before an early Sunday flight out of Midway Will be returning from southern Wisconsin via 290 to 294 to 55 (seems the best route). Staying at the Midway hotel campus. Have stayed here before. There are a couple of chain undesirables on the campus and we have tried "Giordano's" nearby and were not impressed.

Anything tasty in the vicinity? Let me know price range. Prefer Italian because picky son and foodie mom can usually find something we like, but am open to all suggestions.


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  1. Around 79th and..Laramie? Cicero? the phone book will tell the original Vito & Nick's, certainly among the top three really-thin-crust pizzas in Chicago.

    West of Midway at 7200 west is Harlem Ave. Drive south on Harlem Ave. to the 90s and 100s and you'll find lots of Middle Eastern restaurants and bakeries.

    Back in Chicago, east of Midway on 63rd St. is Palermo's, old-school Italian. West of Midway on 55th almost to Harlem is Meyer's Bakery, really good with fair prices.

    A search of this board and LTHforum using "Midway" should turn up lots of tips.

    Have fun.

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      I'll confirm that there's a "Palermo's" on 63rd, in addition to the one on 95th.

      > West of Midway on 55th almost to Harlem is Meyer's Bakery

      Do you mean Webber's bakery?

    2. Vito and Nicks is on 84th and Pulaski. Palermo's is on 95th just west of Cicero.

      1. Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe is located 3 miles south of Midway Airport on West 79th in Burbank. They do Cajun, Mexican, and BBQ surprisingly well and have a lot of creative entrees.

        1. Tatra Inn, 6040 S Pulaski, is loved for its vast all-you-can-eat buffet of homecooked Polish foods, dozens of dishes including carved meats. Price depends on hour and day but runs around $10 pp. Google Tatra Inn for comments, descriptions, and hours. (Polish is very Chicago.)

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            Sadly, Tatra Inn has closed. If you're interested in Lithuanian/Polish/"Bohemian" food, an option is Mabenka, 79th and Cicero, just down the street from where you'll be. Or instead heading east down 63rd St is what's apparently a hole-in-the-wall Middle Eastern gem, Steve's Shish Ka Bob:

          2. Midway is just a few miles from LaGrange. There's a SUPERB Italian place in LaGrange, owned/run by the couple who run Bacino's pizza in the city:

            Bella Bacino of LaGrange
            36 S. La Grange Rd.
            La Grange

            It's more of a nice Italian restaurant, rather than just a pizza place. Last time I was there, they had grilled calamari, and it was the best calamari I've ever had in my life. Everything else we had was excellent, too. Highly recommended.