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Jan 28, 2007 11:21 AM

After Otto's ... drinks/dessert suggestions?

I have reservations for a group for Otto's ... do you have any suggestions for drinks and/or dessert afterwards? I've read here on Chowhound that the people watching at Otto's itself is pretty good (as long as your not downstairs) but was wondering if there was a 'must stop' place nearby.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd stay at Otto for the desserts (the cheese service and the olive oil gelato worth going to Otto alone)...and instead, consider having a glass of wine at Cru BEFORE going to dinner.

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      dkstar1 beat me to it: cheese at otto is outstanding, the gelato can be very good (love the hazelnut). hitting Cru beforehand is redundant imo.

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        I to stay at Otto...I usually go there more for the dessert (Olive Oil gelato)...and they have a huge bar area in front that's always festive and fun. You guys can just move there after your meal to linger over more drinks etc....always a fun place to chill specially in this weather.

      2. for the record, i didn't know Otto had an upstairs.

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          ...i was actually also wondering what the poster meant about the basement. maybe, he's confusing otto with inoteca?

        2. <blush> You are probably right ... I was considering Inoteca .... read up on all the reviews, but when I read they didn't take reservations (and we should get there before 7:30 for a decent wait) I pulled the plug for this group of 9 visiting primarily from Chicago.

          Thanks for all your help! I appreciate the suggestions!

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            i strongly second (or third or fourth) the suggestion to stay at otto for dessert - OLIVE OIL GELATO!!! i know... i know... but it's not disgusting . just try it.

          2. Just a follow-up ... the 8 others in my group went to Otto's on Saturday night. They actually "lost" my reservation. I told the maitre d' that I made these reservations weeks ago -- probably close to 3 weeks. The place was packed with no room to spare.

            The manager came to me while we were waiting and apologized that they lost my reservation. She offered a free bottle of sparkling wine to soothe things over. (we accepted of course)

            Suprisingly, they were able to squeeze us a table in 40 minutes.

            That being said, we had a wonderful meal. One person said that was the best pizza they've ever had.

            and yes, the olive oil gelato was very good.

            Thank you all!

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            1. re: chitowneats

              Good to hear that your group had a good time in Otto despite the reservation blunder. That actually happened to me once in ESCA which is also a Batali resto when it just opened. But, sounds like the Otto FOH peeps handled the situation well.

            2. I would stay at Otto for dessert. Its pretty amazing, especially the olive oil gelato!!