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Jan 28, 2007 11:15 AM

the good and the bad in Milwaukee

Just chiming in on a couple of spots, and in the case of the latter restaurant, wondering if anyone has had a good experience --

First, the good - Zarletti - it got a rave from our local newpaper critic Dennis Getto. I'll second the rave. We just had pasta, bolognese for me and Agli Oglio for my wife. It's 9:30, they've been getting slammed all night long (we couldn't get in the door at 8:30), and food and service is still great.

Second, the bad - Cafe Hollander - The second time we've gone for brunch in the past month, we didn't even stay this time to eat. The owners have opened some good places in Milw. but what's the deal with this one?

The hostesses don't know if they have tables "It'll be a 25 minute wait." But then the other hostess says "oh, there are tables in the smoking section or you can eat at the bar" The bartender is leaving customers waiting with her back to them. I asked for a bloody mary with just olives and got the pickle etc... the food was okay, a little uneven (undercooked this, wrong bread on a sandwich, etc.) , the first time we went, but the service is so blase. The place is packed and it doesn't seem like anyone cares.


But, as I say, if you haven't tried Zarletti, try it.

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  1. Zarletti's has been on my list for a while. Thanks for the suggestion. How is their lunch service?

    Did you see Dennis Getto's "Milwaukee 25" list of essential Milwaukee foods?

    I'm surprised he picked only one fish fry place.

    Also, I've not had Benji's Hear-O-Israel sandwich, but I'm curious how it stacks up against Jake's.

    - Yumbo

    1. I've never been for lunch. When I worked downtown, they seemed to have decent, but not huge crowds. A friend of mine had lunch there and said the muffallata [sic] sandwich was good. If it's anything like dinner, go for it. As I said, it was only pasta, but everything was just so, from the olives to the service....

      I've never had the appetite to attempt the Hear-O-Israel. And the Benji's vs. Jake's debate is like the deep dish pizza debate on the Chicago board :)