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Jan 28, 2007 10:10 AM

Recommendations @ Vertical Wine Bistro?

Thinking about going to Vertical Wine Bistro either before or after the Morrissey show on Friday night at the Civic, any recommendations on any specific plates to try out or what shines the most on their wine list? Also, my pal isnt much of a wine drinker, does anyone know if they happen to have a full bar or serve beer?

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  1. D'oh, nevermind my second question, just checked opentable and it has the lowdown on the bar situation, would really love some recommendations on the food, however. Thx in advance!

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    1. re: bassbiz

      We went to Vertical recently and had a great time. I particularly enjoyed the fig poppers (which were date poppers when we visited, stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in serrano ham); prawns with capers, raisins and pine nuts; the sirloin burger; and the pulled pork. The trio of fritters, as good as they sound, are nothing to write home about.

      The flights of wine (22 of them) are fun. Some are really expensive but there are offerings at all price ranges.


      1. re: barham turner

        The really expensive flights turn out to be the best deals. 3 pricey Burgundies, are $21. Probably works out to no great bargain per ounce, but who is going to pay $55 per bottle to try them otherwise? Same with some of the California Pinot Noirs, Riojas, and Big Deal Cal Cabs ($42 for 3 tastes with the average bottle coming in at over $100). It is the only place I have ever had the Williams Selyem Pinots, which are available only by mailing list ($35 with bottles averaging ~$120, when you can find them). Not for everyone, but a great experience if you have wanted to see what the wine hype for some of these vintners is all about.

    2. i havent tried it personally, but i read on yelp from a lot of people that they really enjoyed the scallops and the skirt steak

      1. the tro of fritters and chop salad are good.

        1. fig/date poppers
          crab cakes

          1. The pulled pork was great