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Jan 28, 2007 10:04 AM

Looking for good fishmonger in San Diego

I'm looking for advice on where to find a good fishmonger or reputable place to buy fish in San Diego County. The supermarkets never seem to know much about the fish they sell, including how long it's been in the store! :) Any tips greatly appreciated!

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  1. The Fishery in PB, Point Loma Seafoods, or the Fish Market restaurants should be able to help you - though they are very expensive. You might also want to try Whole Foods or Bristol Farms. I have also bought some good fish at Trader Joes when it is really fresh in the store.

    1. You actually have a number of pretty good options.

      1) Blue Water Grill on India St. (2 doors down from El Indio restaurant) is a combo restaurant retail fish market. I have been buying fish there for the last 2 years and have been extremely happy with them. While the selection isn't enormous, a lot of the fish is locally caught. Prices are competitive with Point Loma Seafood and Whole Foods, though usually a dollar or two less. They will cut whole pieces to your specifications and they will skin and bone if you ask. Try the homemade ceviche, it's really good, and they'll give you a sample if you ask..

      2) Point Loma Seafood - Shelter Island area. Grand-daddy of all fish markets. Large, extensive selection of fish and shellfish, usually very busy, valet parking. Prices are high, but quality usually warrants the price tag. PLS also operates a quick service, to-go food outlet which contributes significantly to the crowds.

      Of the 2 I prefer Blue Water Grill because of the more personal attention I get. I don't feel like I'm being herded through a barn.

      3) Whole Foods in Hillcrest at 7th and University - I've had very good luck with the fish at this particular Whole Foods. But their Whole Paycheck alter-ego is a pretty apt description of what it will cost you to buy fish at Whole Foods. I have not purchased fish from Whole Foods in the last 2 years because I can get the same quality for less at Blue Water Grill.

      1. Thank you so much! I look forward to trying out some of these options. I will definitely try out Blue Water Grill, as it's close to where I am. Thanks again!

        1. I haven't been to Blue Water, but I work downtown now so I will go check them out on your recommendation!

          1. Some of the chinese supermarkets have a pretty good fish sections, e.g. Lucky Seafood on Black Mountain Road.