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Jan 28, 2007 09:36 AM

Healthy Bar Food?

Hi, I'm looking for a place I can go with my co-worker for light beer and healthy bar food (we are both on diets). I don't know if that's an oxymoron, but I figured this city has it all, so why not ask.

Is there any such place in or near The Village?


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  1. Scared chow has early bird specials everyday 4-6:30. Im not sure what their current specials are but you can call to inquire.

    1. Kasadela - Japanese bar and bar food. Some of which is healthy(ier). Japanese beers only though. And sake, etc.

      1. there's counter, on 1st avenue in the east village. it's a more upscale vegetarian place with a large bar. organic wines and beers, and they have a mezze/small plates menu for snacking.