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Jan 28, 2007 08:58 AM

Follow Your Heart BYOB discovery

We went for dinner with out lovely entertainment book cupon last night. On a whim I called and asked if I could bring a bottle. Yep! No corkage, just had to bring my own corkscrew. They do have wineglasses to bring you. We enjoyed vegetarian enchiladas and a huge burrito with a nice bottle of Trewa Organic Pinot (I thought I might as well match the wine to the restaraunt in organicness).

My burrito was huge and yummy, although I had to request more red sauce to make up for the sad dry smear that originally came on it, my husband inhaled his rich and gooey enchiladas, and the wine matched perfectly.

They also now have vegan cheesecake (how on earth?!?) that the guys next to us were making yummy noises about.

Can't wait to go back in July for my annual pizza feast on Friday Pizza Night, with a nice botte of red!

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  1. I love Follow Your Heart! I love their meatless burgers and their vast selection of hot and cold teas.

    1. vegan cheesecake is probably made with tofu

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        I've seen vegan cheesecake offered at Gourmet Market - this one is made of alot of different nut "flours" and oils, amongst other ingredients, but I didn't note tofu as an ingredient - I would have thought as you did... Gourmet Market is at 1800A Abbot Kinney Blvd, about one block south of Venice Blvd, in Venice...

        Where is Follow Your Heart?

      2. My family lives right by Follow Your Heart and I always go there. You can bring wine? Excellent! You friday night pizza feast sounds like an amazing idea!

        1. most vegan cheesecakes have silken (soft) tofu as a main ingredient.

          1. I used to go to Follow Your Heart all the time when I lived in LA County. I love their deli.

            One of the kids that works there is a huge Paul Weller fan and that always scores points in my book.

            Thanks for the BYOB tip. Sounds like a good idea for a date.