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Jan 28, 2007 08:39 AM

Can't Get Enough Splenda

Man, I just pour Splenda on my oatmeal, yogurt, coffee and stuff. Am I eating too much of this stuff? Anyone else can't get enough of this product?

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  1. You might want to google Splenda and Aspartame and Anxiety/Depression.

    There is some research you might be interested in...

    A great natural sweetener is Sucanat (google)

    1. Splenda is the new crack. I have two packets a day in coffee and eat yogurt sweetened with it. When strawberries are in season, I sprinkle the office-supplied Splenda on them.

      I'm not worried about Splenda and it's a great taste-improvement over Sweet and Low and even Equal. I draw the line at baking with it because it is so expensive.

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      1. re: swissgirl

        If i am baking with it I use half the amount of Splenda for sugar. I find Splends can get things too sweet.

      2. Sorry, guys - to me it's the Disney version of sugar. All the excitement and none of the depth. Gak. So annoying; I really had high hopes, but I took one sip of my first sip of Splenda'd coffee and pitched the rest.

            1. re: sll

              I second the stevia recommendation, although in higher amounts it can impart a liquorice taste. I used to put it in my coffee back when I was a coffee drinker.

              1. re: Vladimir

                yeah, stevia is good (and natural and good for you and all that) but you just can NOT use it in the way that many want to use sugar. i have found that really i can only use it to slightly sweeten oatmeal. thats about it. i like my coffee black and for baking, well, you can not cream with it, and it doesnt affect texture the way sugar does so i find that you just have to go with the least processed sugar you can find. like sucanat, turbinado, demerara, etc.

              2. re: sll

                sorry, but YUCK.

                the aftertaste left by stevia (whether crushed leaves, crystalline form, or syrup) is enough to put me off eating anything.

                I'm one of those who can taste all of the sugar substitutes, and I don't like any of them. I can tolerate things made with Ace-K, but that's about it -- so I either use actual sugar or I skip it altogether.