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Jan 28, 2007 08:05 AM

Loie: The Best Brunch Bread/Pastry Basket

We just returned from a good brunch at Loie. The highlight was their "Bread Basket", which came filled with seven full-sized pastries, all made in-house by their pastry chef. Interestingly there was no actual "bread" in the bread basket.

If I remember correctly the items were:
Portugese Custard Cup, a nice flaky tart filled with a light warm egg custard
Chocolate / Banana knot, with good melty chocolate and warmed banana.
Orange-Cheese Danish, with a nice orange zest flavor in the cheese filling
Apple-filled turnover-like pastry
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Shrimp Tart - a fried empanada filled with shrimp and cheese/cream
A pignoli (pine nut)-based cup of some sort. I couldn't quite identify the layers inside, but perhaps some carrot and thinly-sliced apple? This was very dense and in the shape of a muffin, but not cake or muffin-like in consistency. Interesting and delicious but probably not to all tastes.

All very good, and it was $11 or $12 for the basket.

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  1. Ha! That is great! Sounds delicious!

    My husband and I visited Loie for the first time just two weeks ago, and when our waiter brought out the bread for our dinner, he commented, "I love our pastry chef!" Always a good sign! Was it crowded at brunch time?


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      We got there early (maybe 11:15 am) right after waving to Prince Charles and Camilla (The Bride's idea there...). We were the first or second table to be seated; and it was not full by the time we left (but a number of tables were seated during our visit) but we also thought that yesterday felt like an unusually quiet day for the city for some reason.

    2. No doubt the pastries are good but in the interest of truth, none of it is made at LOIE, they dont even have a pastry chef and the kitchen is actually aout 6 by 12 ft long.
      Really unimportant as long as it's good but it isnt "housemade".
      All of it is purchased.

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      1. re: Chowtalk

        I specifically asked if all the pastries were made in-house, and the server responded that yes, their pastry chef "Carla" had made them all. Perhaps Carla does not in fact work at Loie and they are purchased, in which case the server was misleading, but the pastries were in fact delicious, high quality, and unique. If they were purchased, I would not mind finding out from where.

      2. My buddy works there and the pastry chef is the new chef David's wife.