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Jan 28, 2007 07:58 AM

Restaurant Recs for South Tucson

Attending the Gem Show this week and would appreciate any restaurant recs for South Tucson. Staying at Econolodge on 6th Ave. off I-10. Walking distance would be helpful.

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  1. Try Sachiko for Sushi or great Japanese fare...on Valencia near the airport.
    One of our favorites...always fresh...very friendly!
    Try the Black Cod in!

    1. Mi Nidito is always a place we visit. It's at 1813 S 4th Ave - don't know what kind of walking shape you're in, but that wouldn't be too far for me.

      1. I had an excellent lunch at Rigo's, at 4th Avenue and 36th St. (NE corner), two weeks ago. Catty-corner, across the intersection, Crossroads is good. Pico de Gallo--not sure of the address, but I think it's on 6th, a few blocks north of I-10--is very good,and a bit different. None of these places are fancy or expensive; the first two are, however, table service restaurants--although both have all you can eat buffets--and Pico de Gallo is an order at the counter and find a seat kind of place.

        I'm not a Mi Niditio fan; partly it's the wait (always long), but mostly it's the fact that I've never found the food to be worth the wait.

        I haven't been to the Sachiko on the southside, but the other branches are very good.

        Have fun.

        1. Just wanted to second the recommendation for Mi Nidito. We ate there a few months ago and everyone really enjoyed their meal.

          1. Alfonso's Carnitas Jalisco on South 6th.