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Best Restaurants in Las Vegas.........

Never been to LV but my wife and I will be there in two weeks for 4 nights. I know I want to go to Emeri's restaurant there. Can you name 4/5 really great restaurants for fine dining with good service, food, atmosphere et al. Thanks.

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  1. If you want to go to Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian, it is incredible, but you better call literally right now and see if you can get in, it's that popular. http://www.emerils.com/restaurants/la...

    Michael Mina at Bellagio is also what you're looking for. Gorgeous atmosphere...it's off the conservatory gardens, so you're already relaxed before you get in. Service will make you feel like a VIP, and the food is fantastic. http://www.michaelmina.net/michaelmin...

    Nobhill at MGM, also by Michael Mina, was very good. A fun place with lots of neat extras-bread baked right on the dining room, kept hot in a candle powered warmer. A tray of five flavors of mashed potatoes comes with the food. The best cocktails I have ever had.

    Fiamma at MGM was a blast-'modern' Italian in a hip setting, the food was just wonderful, everything I tried I just loved.

    Bradley Ogden at Caesars...I had a few hours on my last trip, went to Ogden's and had soup and dessert at the bar, OMG the soup was good. Corn and lobster soup, very artfully prepared, lots of lobster...dessert was watermelon five ways, lots of desserts and ices, like a painting. Made me want to try them for dinner my next trip for sure.

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      Going to Vegas in May, what are the prices like at Emerils...I always get nervous when they are not listed on the website...

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        High, but not out of control--typical high-end steakhouse prices. I'd say the food was worth every penny, IMHO.

    2. do you have a car ? $$$ not an issue ? see my recent pic posts of local restaurants rosemary's ( loved by many ) and todd's unique ( loved by most ) and pamplemousse ( hmmm...i think it's loved by most ) - i'm planning on eating at Andre's ( another local french restaurant with a relatively long history ) this week...hopefully w/ pics.

      1. Are you going to have a car? Or are you willing to pay $30-$50 for a round trip cab? Also, what type of food? Budget? Where are you staying? Are you looking for dinners only or breakfasts and/or lunches?

        1. I won't have a car but $$$ is no problem. I'm interested in fine dining places for dinner like Emeril's, et al. I will be at the Four Seasons. Thanks for the help.

          1. I love Nobhill as well. their cheese fondue is a must. Also, Bouchon (Thomas Keller's restaurant) at the Venetian should be on your list. It's a very beautiful location! I also like 3750 at Mandalay Bay. i may actually have the numbers wrong, it could be 3950. SW Steakhouse is fabulous as well as Daniel Boulud. Nobhill is my favorite by far, followed by SW, Bouchon, then Daniel Boulud. The water show at SW and DB gets annoying after awhile, so don't worry about a table near the water.

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              3950 is closed. It has been replaced by Stripsteak which IMHO is a great steakhouse. Try the bone-in ribeye and the foie gras sliders

            2. besides what i mentioned before - since you are at the 4 seasons, i suggest fleur de lys and stripsteak - i have not tried china grill ( next to stripsteak ); border grill for more casual, i do like the drinks at rumjungle, haven't been to lupo, aureole - 1st time ( over 4 years ago ) food was great, wine...ridiculous mark-up, last time there ( a year ago ) food somewhat average, wine still too high

              1. lol. While these are all good choices ...

                The two best restaurants in vegas have not been mentioned yet, but they are also the most expensive, Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon. If you have the big bankroll and a few hours or more to eat, either of these places is for you.

                If not, then one of Michael Minna's places is close enough and about a third of the price.

                1. Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon, NO QUESTION. The better question is what is the best restaurant for the money. Both Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon will set you back a MIN. of $1,000 (and that is a bare min.) for 2. Compare that to $100 for 2 @ Lotus of Siam. So, as many of the other post pointed out, if $ is no object then GS and JR are far and away the best. If money matters, then the list expands greatly. My favorite places for dinner are:

                  Picasso (food not the best but when paired w/atmosphere and service, hard to beat)
                  Lotus of Siam
                  Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare

                  And do yourself a favor, go to The Verandah downstairs in the Four Seasons and have the Huevos Rancheros! Head and shoulders the best breakfast in Las Vegas!!!

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                    Agree with this list, but I think Picasso's food is excellent. Huevos rancheros at Verandah are really good, but the corned beef/pastami hash is even better--each of you should order one and share. Also note there are two Joel Robuchons, Mansion and L'atelier. The latter is less expensive and more fun, and has excellent food too. They are located side-by-side in the MGM. Two other possibilities for breakfast are Bouchon (be sure to have some french fries) and the cafe place (name??) in the Wynn with the massive pancakes that everybody raves about.

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                      Agree that Picasso is excellent and the food is as well. But, compared w/Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon, it pales. I am a HUGE Picasso fan and regardless of the menu rarely, if ever changing, I will say it is at the top of my restaurant list. If money were no object, GS and JR would be the places I would go. But that being said, what would I rather have, 3 dinners at Picasso or 1 @ either Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy...3 @ Picasso, HANDS DOWN! BTW, I think Bouchon is good but over-rated, given Thomas Keller's name being attached.

                  2. Go to Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon if money is not a issue at all. I will go there if money is not a issue for me !

                    1. i hosted a meeting in las vegas in 2006 and i was very very pleased with some of the recommendations i got from this board. most notable was mix, the restaurant on the 64th floor of THEhotel. that sets the stage for the evening: fabulous, extravagant. the food was marvelous, the drinks strong, the atmosphere absolutely thrilling. mix was exactly what i was looking for in vegas (i was a first-timer, too). the mac and cheese, though i can't (and don't want to) remember its price tag, was melt-in-your-mouth perfection spiced just right with a touch of black pepper.

                      a second trip with a chef friend brought me to an asian restaurant in the MGM grand (someone help me out with the name?) which was wonderful as well. we ordered nearly every dish on the menu and shared them around - it was an overwhelming amount of food, but i got to try enough of the menu that i'd highly recommend the place. there was a sea bass i still taste on my tongue.

                      the asian place in the luxor was good as well, but nothing i'd write home about.

                      next time i go to vegas, what i'm focusing on is good breakfasts. dinners, if you're willing to pay the money, i feel there are countless wonderful options. on a recent trip, i was stumped for breakfast options. i ended up at many places less than pleasing.

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                      1. i was not impressed with guy savoy ($2800 for 4) or daniel boulad ($1000 for 3). not to say the food was bad, but those were not 3-star experiences. savoy is 3 star in paris and daniel 2 star in nyc. i usually expect a restaurant of that chef's stature to blow me away with impeccable food, service, atmosphere, etc. (i have been blown away before - le cinq, gordon ramsay, pierre gagnaire, etc..)

                        emeril's at the venetian is nice as is delmonico's as noted above. the prices there don't create the experience / price mismatch. if you can't get a reservation at delmonico's, you can sit at the bar counter.

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                          I still can't believe Delmonico gets such raves here. That place is just not worth the hype, IMO. Emeril's either. Middle America loves Emeril Lagasse. He could put a steaming pile of dog feces on a plate, throw some spice on it, yell "BAM!", tell everyone how good it is, and they would all unanimously agree.

                          I know a lot of people like it -- I just don't understand why.

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                            wow - that's pretty extreme - i admit, i am a fan of delmonico's ...but i have not been there in over a year...just too many place to still try in lv..a.nd if you've read any of my reviews you'll notice i am an "all class" eater ...i like the hole in a wall places as much as the high end ...it's hard to put delmonico's in the category of middle america...it ain't cheap !!! is there some hype because of his tv popularity...for sure...but i've had some top-notch meals at delmonico's...emeril's only had a bowl of gumbo and some pie...it was good, but i cannot give an opinion of the place based on that. i'm compelled to put delmonico's on the short list of "places to go" over the next few weeks to see if delmonico's has dropped in quality...the bummer is past visits were covered by the expense account or others marketing to me...now i'm on my own.

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                              Yeah but it's getting harder and harder to find good eats for cheap in Vegas. My point was that everyone seems to think Emeril can do no wrong. It's no different than the Wolfgang Puck hype that was around several years ago. Do I consider Spago one of the top restaurants in Vegas? Not a chance.

                              I've been to both Lagasse restaurants on multiple occasions and do not desire to go back. Again, this is just an opinion of a chowhound that has pretty much 'been there, done that' in Vegas and thinks there are way better options available.

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                                i hear ya !! as a cali guy i've seen a fair number of puck restaurants bite the dust...most because the quality just wasn't there...for me, it's more of trying to keep up with the new restaurants in vegas and so cal...i know i'll never catch up but i'll still try !!! yet, i want to go back and eat at some of the places i've had fond food and social memories...let the journey continue !!

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                                I do think it was a bit harsh too, however he has a point.

                                My husband and I were huge fans of Delmonico. We were there twice and had great meals although the first was superior to the second for both of us.

                                Our third time there, last April (2006) we were not as thrilled. Something was off about the meal on the whole. Even service seemed to go down. Now, maybe our general mood had something to do with it (my husband was ill, and I was kind of bummed out about being on vacation with a sick spouse) but the steaks were not quite as great as we remembered from the first two times. Sides still rocked (LOVE those truffled parmesean garlic potato crisps - I could live off of them) but all in all, we wished we had gone and tried another steakhouse that night since LV is full of great ones that we both have been wanting to try.

                                We've already said we won't go back next time we're in town - we'll be branching out and trying some of the other fine steak houses instead.

                                As lv says, "been there, done that".

                                Oh and we think Spago is low on the totem pole too.

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                                  I don't usually like to go to the same places in Vegas, it's fun to try new things. Nobhill is the only place in Vegas I've been to more than once. I think both of Emeril's places are fantastic, at least they were in 05. Top notch in all aspects, a LOT different than Puck's crappy restaurants. Emeril is much better at putting out quality.

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                                    I agree - trying new places to eat in LV is a pleasure. It is one of the main reasons we enjoy spending time out there. Delmonico and Bouchon are the only two we've done repeats at. Delmonico we're now taking off our list. Bouchon, is a keeper so far, especially since we normally stay in the Venetian and make it our breakfast of choice - hard to resist :-)

                          2. After several visits to LV and many meals in the "name" restaurants on the strip, I took a short cab ride just off the strip and enjoyed a lovely evening at Pamplemousse. Don't confuse this with the over the top priced, pretentious place near San Diego. They are not related. This LV restaurant has gracious service, beautiful presentation, and classically prepared cuisine that is French-based, but accommodates the many visitors to this city.

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                              Bouchon and Michael Mina are tops in our book but there are so many top notch places you'll have difficulty making a choice. Sitting outside at Bouchon was a true pleasure...and the food...perfection!