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Jan 28, 2007 07:20 AM

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas.........

Never been to LV but my wife and I will be there in two weeks for 4 nights. I know I want to go to Emeri's restaurant there. Can you name 4/5 really great restaurants for fine dining with good service, food, atmosphere et al. Thanks.

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  1. If you want to go to Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian, it is incredible, but you better call literally right now and see if you can get in, it's that popular.

    Michael Mina at Bellagio is also what you're looking for. Gorgeous's off the conservatory gardens, so you're already relaxed before you get in. Service will make you feel like a VIP, and the food is fantastic.

    Nobhill at MGM, also by Michael Mina, was very good. A fun place with lots of neat extras-bread baked right on the dining room, kept hot in a candle powered warmer. A tray of five flavors of mashed potatoes comes with the food. The best cocktails I have ever had.

    Fiamma at MGM was a blast-'modern' Italian in a hip setting, the food was just wonderful, everything I tried I just loved.

    Bradley Ogden at Caesars...I had a few hours on my last trip, went to Ogden's and had soup and dessert at the bar, OMG the soup was good. Corn and lobster soup, very artfully prepared, lots of lobster...dessert was watermelon five ways, lots of desserts and ices, like a painting. Made me want to try them for dinner my next trip for sure.

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      Going to Vegas in May, what are the prices like at Emerils...I always get nervous when they are not listed on the website...

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        High, but not out of control--typical high-end steakhouse prices. I'd say the food was worth every penny, IMHO.

    2. do you have a car ? $$$ not an issue ? see my recent pic posts of local restaurants rosemary's ( loved by many ) and todd's unique ( loved by most ) and pamplemousse ( hmmm...i think it's loved by most ) - i'm planning on eating at Andre's ( another local french restaurant with a relatively long history ) this week...hopefully w/ pics.

      1. Are you going to have a car? Or are you willing to pay $30-$50 for a round trip cab? Also, what type of food? Budget? Where are you staying? Are you looking for dinners only or breakfasts and/or lunches?

        1. I won't have a car but $$$ is no problem. I'm interested in fine dining places for dinner like Emeril's, et al. I will be at the Four Seasons. Thanks for the help.

          1. I love Nobhill as well. their cheese fondue is a must. Also, Bouchon (Thomas Keller's restaurant) at the Venetian should be on your list. It's a very beautiful location! I also like 3750 at Mandalay Bay. i may actually have the numbers wrong, it could be 3950. SW Steakhouse is fabulous as well as Daniel Boulud. Nobhill is my favorite by far, followed by SW, Bouchon, then Daniel Boulud. The water show at SW and DB gets annoying after awhile, so don't worry about a table near the water.

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              3950 is closed. It has been replaced by Stripsteak which IMHO is a great steakhouse. Try the bone-in ribeye and the foie gras sliders