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Ubol's is now Arunee...

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After a long, steady decline for Ubol's Kitchen (on the boards, at least- I was still a big fan of their thai dumplings), they have changed ownership and are now Arunee Thai Cuisine. I don't know if it's the same Arunee of Jackson Heights fame, but I did discover that they have been in the space for about a month and a half. They haven't really changed anything about the decor, or the phone number for that matter- I phoned in my order expecting Ubol's and was surprised when they charged me extra for rice... then I saw the new awning.
As for changes in the food, I ordered my old Ubol's standby: steamed Thai dumplings, and they were disappointing- not delicate like the former version, they seemed to be the frozen, heavy kind. We had chicken in peanut sauce, nowhere near as good as Arnharn's crunchy version, more of that fake peanut flavor. The Yum Woonsen salad was warm, had strange-flavored shrimp and could have used a dressing of some sort. So you can imagine our surprise when we got the most delicious Pad Kee Mao I think I've ever had! It was good and spicy (even though we didn't specify that's how we wanted it), there were plenty of fresh, well cooked peppers, the noodles weren't all stuck together in a glob, and there was a nice pile of ground peanuts on top. Overall, it wasn't a terrible meal, I was just hopeful that the change in ownership would improve upon Ubol's mediocrity... I think I'll go back and try some more noodle dishes though!

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  1. That's disappointing! I was hoping when I saw the new awning that it would be something better than Ubols. Will have to check out some noodle dishes though. I don't suppose you know if they still accept credit card for deliveries?

    1. No, don't be disappointed. The Arunee in Jackson Heights is pretty darned good...you'll have to adjust what you usually order to what they do best. It's more authentic...so try some spicy dishes, some of the salads, soups, noodles...it's bound to be a huge improvement over Ubol's.