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Best French Toast in Rhode Island?

I've been searching for the best French Toast in Rhode Island. The old standard I have in my memory banks is the version served by the Wickford Diner back in the '70s. My current favorite is the Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast (oxymoron?) served at Bristols Breakfast Of Champions. Anyone have any other favorites?

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  1. My sister had a french toast at Nick's on Broadway that was absolutely amazing...

    - Garris
    Providence, RI

    1. Nick's rocks. And now finally in the new location w/more room.

      1. Crazy Burger in Narragansett...

        1. Julian's has delicious french toast. And for something really rich, the stuffed french toast at Modern Diner can't be beat.

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            Are you referring to the french toast with whiskey sauce and fresh fruit topping at the Modern Diner? If so, I agree that that is one outstanding brunch dish.

            My brother Lurker W. visited the Modern Diner recently and got the hash, which he said was nothing special. With all the delectable weekend specials like this french toast posted on the wall, he orders hash. Yeah, it's claimed to be a specialty of the house but i say Feh.

            1. re: Bob W

              Same here. I really like the Modern, but the hash I've gotten there wasn't really any different than standard canned hash. I'll stick with the other specials.

          2. i second the julian's and nick's recommendations! although, even with the expanded location, nick's remains as crowded as ever!

            1. I would have 2nd'd Crazy Burger's cinnamon roll french toast but after brunch at CAV on Sunday, I'd have to say theirs, topped w/a compote of sorts....sauteed apples, raisins and toasted nuts in a butterscotch maple sauce. The apples aren't cooked way down the way they usually are in these dishes.....little matchstick slices that keep their shape. That, along w/a glass of sparkling wine at 10:30AM....made my Sunday.

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                Brunch at CAV sounds wonderful. Where is that?

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                  According to the first of approximately 169,000 hits I received when I Googled "CAV restaurant Rhode Island", it's located at 14 Imperial Place in Providence.

              2. Citron has a unique French Toast, though I don't know if I consider it the best. It's coated in cornflakes and stuffed with organic peanut butter. Very rich and tasty. My favorite is probably the Modern Diner's custard French Toast with whiskey sauce and fruit. They also have a stuffed French Toast which is good too, but the custard one is the BOMB!

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                  thanks, the custard french toast is the one i had. in fact it was so good that i nearly ordered another -- and i have pretty much never had two breakfasts at one place in my life.

                  but i had to save room for Rufful's, Stanleyburgers, etc. I don't get up to RI too often. 8<(

                2. Oh my! I'll have to try that! (Citron) I love peanut butter on french toast (w/maple syrup....this is what I do when I make it at home).

                  1. Mine :-). I lean toward the traditional. The Portuguese Sweet Bread French Toast at Hope Diner is simple and nice. Haven't tried that at Breakfast of Champions--but I will!