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Jan 28, 2007 06:36 AM

Majestic Cafe - Closing Tonight For Good

The Majestic Cafe on King Street, Old Town, Alexandria, is closing tonight. Rumor has it the new investor/owners are intent on converting the space into a sports bar and reopening in 6 months. The Majestic was one of the few, solid places on King Street with quality food, chic atmosphere and great service. The vision of the original chef/owner carried on, as did the unique desserts (and the wonderful layer cake of the day). What's the deal? The last thing King Street needs is another crappy bar pushing burgers and fries. The Majestic was always packed, so one has to imagine the new investors are counting on the game day crowds and tourists to make the register ring. The locals are quite disappointed. It looks like yet another lame restaurant for King Street ... this time at the expense of one of the few standouts.

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  1. Even though I was never impressed by the food served at the Majestic, it was a great little place. I'm awfully sorry to hear this, but not surprised. Old Town caters to tourists, and, let's face it, another crappy sports bar is going to bring in revenue that the Majestic never did. I'm an old Old Town resident - since moved West - and it's kind of sad, but watch the places that are moving North, up towards the Parkway, and you'll see that there will be a kind of North Old Town Renaissance that began with Stardust on Montgomery a few years ago, just around the corner from the venerable old Royal. I think that's where the good food action will be. At least, I hope so.

    1. Really? I think this is a great loss for that area. agree that most dining in that part of old town is mediocre. I've always enjoyed Majestic, and actually thought they had one of the best Sunday brunches in the area. Sports bar???!!! One less reason (were there any left?) to ever venture anywhere near King Street.

      1. It might have been good...but I rarely saw it "packed."

        1. I live walking distance to the Majestic, but found the food disappointing, especially in light of the reviews. After seeing it boarded up for years, I was thrilled with the thoughtful restoration and vibe of the place. I hope they don't change the interior too much. However, if they make it into a non-smoking sports bar (or any other kind), I will be there with bells on.

          1. I live a short walk from here and am not surpised. I actually think the food was subpar on a street where we are seeing a growth in the quality of food. The best aspects of it were space and location. Whoever takes over is lucky in respect, and I suspect a sports bar might kill there.