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Jan 28, 2007 06:22 AM

Pizziolla (vs Mamma's)

We're looking for a pizza delivery alternative to Mamma's (due to the long waits).

Pizziolla has caught our eye. We really like thin crust -- how's their thin crust? Can you get a pizza delivered in under 1hr?

Any idea on how to pick the right location? they name the streets but the cross street could be anywhere.


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  1. Do you mean Pizzaiolo? If so, the locations are right there on their website, map link included.

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    1. re: xtal

      That is the old Avalon location. A buddy of mine went to see it last week as it is for sale. This place did not even last 3 months...

    2. ahhh, ta! I only checked the Adelaide location -- and that's the only location without the map link and address. my mistake, thanks!

      1. Pizziaolo is my current favourite for delivery, can't comment on their thin crust but their deep dish 'Godfather' pizza makes me drool just thinking about it. Give them a try for sure, their calzones are also pretty good.

        1. Pizzaiolo rules. My husband and I order the Capone (pesto, chicken, roasted red peppers) and Bianca (garlic, zucchini, artichoke hearts, feta), and it is always great. The crust is fairly thin, though not as thin as Mama's. Maybe if you asked for extra thin crust? Also, we find the toppings more generous than Mama's.

          1. I'm not a huge pizza fan but the Bianca is another species - fantastic!

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            1. re: crawfish

              re: Richmond Hill location

              I think it tastes the same as downtown. Although I haven't bought from them since they moved (from Yonge/16 to Yonge/Elgin Mills).