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12 st bar and grill experience?

anyone know or like 12st bar and grill. it seems like a nice enough little french bistro-ey thing.

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  1. I am a big fan of 12th Street. Back when I lived over on 13th street, it was a standby for me...would go there at least once a month and order out more often than that. Although I'm over on the other side of Park Slope now, I still find my way over there every now and again. In fact, i just went there last night for the first time in a while.

    It was great as always. Attentive but not overbearing service, very good food and not super expensive. Its got one of my favorite burgers the city, and the lemon thyme chicken is great. My fiancee, loves the hanger steak and the scallops. Oh, and their caesar salad is also one of my favorites around, with delicious cheese crostini.

    I think in all the times I've gone there in the past 7 years, I've only had one less than satisfying experience, and that was because it was late and I was hurrying to catch a movie.

    I highly recommend.

    1. wow, awesome. will prolly try it tonight then. thanks for the solid reply.

      1. I always find the 12th St grill to look better than the food really is, its not bad but i find it boring & predictable.

        1. I remember going there on a Sunday for brunch at about 11:30 and they wouldn't make me a Bloody Mary since it was before noon...who really does that in this city? Please.

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            You are totally wrong about this. While the law changed a few months ago, up until then, since the end of Prohibition, it was illegal to serve or sell alcohol in NY State before 12 noon on Sunday (actually before 1 PM until about 25 years ago). I doubt that any place in the City would serve a Bloody Mary before 12 noon.

            «...who really does that in this city? Please» Who really can't understand that in NYC. Please.

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              Plenty of places do and did...which is why we went somewhere else.

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                Again you are simply wrong. Give me one example of a New York bar/restaurant that serves any alcoholic beverage on premises between 4 AM and noon on Sunday.

                Here is the relevant portion of NYS law which prohibits such sales:

                Sec. 106.5 – Provisions governing licensees to sell at retail for consumption on the premises. No alcoholic beverages shall be sold, offered for sale, or given away upon any premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages at retail for on-premises consumption during the following hours:
                (a) Sunday, from four antemeridian to twelve noon
                (b) On any other day between four antemeridian and eight antemeridian.
                Nor shall any person be permitted to consume any alcoholic beverages upon any such premises later than one-half hour after the start of the prohibited hours of sale provided for in this section.


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                  Umm, I dont think the point is what the law IS, no one's saying it isn't the law as you've cited, but more about whether places flout it, and serve the drink before noon, or not. I remember once a deli wouldnt sell me beer on my way to the beach in the summer, and I was annoyed (even though I KNOW that's the law as written). But that was the one time, in 26 years in NYC, i've had that happen (refusing to sell beer before noon on a Sunday). Every other time they've sold it.

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                    A restaurant can lose it's liquor license, and a big chunk of their revenue, if it sells alcohol at off hours. It's not some minor technicality.

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                      Every deli I've ever been in has refused to sell alcohol before noon on Sunday.

            2. When my husband and I lived in the neighborhood (about four years ago) 12th Street's next-door bar was our second home. You get the same food, but in a much more relaxed setting (though I suppose it might be a little too relaxed for some). I don't remember the food being fabulous, but it was great for bar food--an excellent burger (especially with blue cheese) and a good tuna steak sandwich.


              1. i wish it was a bit better. had a few nice brunches there but then a dinner that was really not good (food and service). probably just an off night, but it's kept me away for a while. if you try it, let us know what you think.

                1. 12th Street has been my family's fall-back neighborhood place for as long as it has been around. We live around the corner and, in fact, frequented its predecessor, Aunt Sonya's, as well. Anyway, it has had minor ups and downs over the years but has mostly been consistently good and, often times, excellent. It was recently sold, however, and I am afraid that it may be going down-hill. They seem to be cutting corners here and there. Does anyone know anything about the new owners or why it was sold? Five Front had been owned by the same folks who sold 12th Street; does anyone know if it was sold too?

                  1. You know what...I thought Five Front had closed a while ago, but it appears I was wrong. Don't know if they sold that also, but the sale does explain why I recognized no-one at 12th Street the other night.

                    1. Yeah...I'm not about to start naming places...because I like my illegal drinks.

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                        ditto on that re: my illegal beer-selling delis!

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                          The dry hours under the revised law now end at 8:00 am on Sunday, I believe.

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                            That would be fantastic if true. Do you have a source for that?

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                              I just checked up on the change in law. Sadly, the 8 A.M. rule applies to establishments which sell liquor for off-premises consumption. That would not apply to restaurants, which have on-premises licenses.

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                                Guess we'll just have to byob!! (Actually this whole discussion is pretty much moot for me anyway since I almost never have a boozy brunch. But that doesn't mean others shouldn't be able to enjoy themselves!)

                        2. Having worked brunch in the Slope, I can safely say that the "12 o'clock rule" was never mentioned to me, and I served (and have since had my own share of) mimosas and bloody mary's before the witching hour.

                          1. i've had both dinner and brunch there... both were highly satisfactory meals. i'd say their cuisine is pretty solid. nothing amazing but still enjoyable.

                            1. I have to say I've been there once for brunch and was very disappointed in my burger. It was way overcooked and tasteless and the bun was doughy and not to my liking. That being said some of the people I was with liked what they got very much and I do plan on giving it another try.

                              1. ha, tell bobj -- he REALLY doesnt seem to believe this could be possible!

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                                  Possible yes, legal no. After all, lots of bars and clubs allow underage drinking. But if you remember all the way back to the beginning of this thread before we went off on this tangent, Pastoralia put down the restaurant for not serving a Bloody Mary before 12 noon, which seemed a bit unfair to me because it was very risky for them to do so (not to mention illegal). Note that a lot of restaurants solve this problem by not opening on Sunday before noon.