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Jan 28, 2007 06:01 AM

Whistling Oyster - CLOSED

This might be old news to you all. I just got back from the UK/Europe where I spend part of the year so didn't notice. Anyway, it was pretty much my favourite place to take people, even though it had slid a bit in the last couple of years. I am really sad. What happened? Also I am pretty sure The Red Tomato (Fred's not Here basement) is the sister place and it seems to be still open (?). Anyone know the story on all this?

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  1. I am sorry to hear that. I worked years ago at the CBC on Front and we would walk over to the Whistling Oyster for lunch. The service was always bad (laughably so) but the food was pretty good. If you went over after work and sat at the bar for drinks and half-priced apps, it was a good deal. I have a lot of great memories from that restaurant.