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Jan 28, 2007 05:12 AM

Pittsburgh 21 st birthday for vegetarian

Going to Pittsburgh in March to celebrate a 21 st birthday for a daughter. My wife and daughter are non meat eating but are not strict vegans so they find good choices in the seafood pasta items. saw the restaurants at the top of the incline would there be a good choice, the view looks great. I guess I'm looking for something different and special as well

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  1. Isabella should do veg. dish if you let them know when making reservations and it is atop Mt. Washington with a good view.

    1. If you don't have your heart set on Mt. Washington, I vote for Kaya in the Strip District. I'm always impressed by the originality of their food - vegetarian and otherwise. (There was a discussion about Isabella a day or so ago. )

      1. Monterrey Bay has stunning views from Mt. Washington and ok food. I've had very good fish and mediocre fish but it seems to be a special occasion type of place. If you like Thai, Typhoon on South Highland Ave. in Shadyside has excellent food in elegant surroundings that would be very nice for a birthday dinner.

        1. Eleven, also on the Strip, always has at least one great vegetarian entree (usually an excellent house-made gnocchi), and also offers a 5-course chef's vegetarian tasting menu for $45. (They have a non-veg 5-course tasting menu, too, which I think is $65). The tasting menus are always fresh, creative and give you lots of food (an appetizer, three little entrees and dessert) -- all in all pretty good deal for what you get. You can look at the current menus online at I think they change daily. And, if you go, be sure to tell whoever takes your reservation that it's a birthday and the chef will throw in a little something extra. Oh, and the bigBurrito restaurant group (owners of Eleven, Soba, Kaya and others) has a free online birthday club which gives you a free entree any time during the week of your birthday. All their restaurants are pretty veg-friendly, so you might want to tell your daughter to sign on.

          1. McKormick and Schmidt....hope i spelled that's delicious...and it's basically all high quality sea food in the heart of the South Side shopping district...great experience