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Jan 28, 2007 04:41 AM

LA Burdick in Walpole? Northampton?

Yesterday I took a trip to Harvard Square and visited Burdick's. Boy, was it crowded. There was no room to sit. There was a very long wait to the counter to place an order. It was so busy, that the barista had no time to custom pack a box for me. In fact, he was so relieved when I backed-off the idea that he gave me a real deal on everything I ordered.

So I'm wondering about the other locations. Actually, I probably am physically in the center of the Burdicks triangle, here in northernmost Worcester county.

I'd be tempted to go to NOHO, but worry about having the same sort of experience.

So, has anyone been to Walpole? Please tell me about it. Or if I'm wrong about NOHO, please let me know.

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  1. Burdicks in Walpole is a full service restaurant as well as a cafe and chocolate shop. It can get quite busy but I've never seen it be a long wait at the counter. Call for a reservation for a meal, although this time of year you can often get seated right away without one. The restaurant is one of my favorites anywhere in the world as it serves world class food and excellent service at very reasonable prices. Getting good value always makes my food taste better but I've had many worse meals at twice the price, even when someone else was paying. The Walpole Burdicks is the only Burdicks that has the restaurant. Do also go to the grocery store just up the sidewalk from Burdicks. Burdicks owns it and it contains many of the items found in the restaurant, such as their wonderful pates and artisan cheeses.

    1. Northampton location closed. It was in a stupid location, no food except chocolate and hot drinks, and over priced for the town. It's success depended on satisfying the upscale chocolate jones of Smith coeds with Daddy's credit cards. Locals avoided the place. Goodbye.

      1. The Walpole location is very nice, though it gets crowded for weekend brunch--I think they take reservations. The restaurant offers table service, a full bar and a beautiful pastry selection. There's an adjoining shop that sells their chocolates. The town is one of those quaint New England spots that looks like a movie set.

        1. Agree with others about Walpole - post from 10/2005:

          1. Apparently I am one of the few people who disagree that The Restaurant at Burdick's is worth it - I live less than a half hour away and wouldn't go out of my way for a meal there. Consistency is lacking - I've had good and bad meals there, and it is overpriced for what you're getting. I'll gladly spend for a great experience, but underattentive waitstaff and mediore food aren't worth it. Also, their chocolate store doesn't obviously do as much business as the Harvard Square location, so you never quite know how long stuff has been there.