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Jan 28, 2007 12:08 AM

New Korean Supermarket, Plainview, NY

I was going to John's Farm today on Old Country Rd and saw a new supermarket opened. It is called H & Y Supermarket on the corner of Plainview Rd and S. Oyster Bay Rd next to McDaniels Ford. I was so happy that it was a Korean Supermarket. It's been opened a week according to the cashier.

It's almost like the H Mart over in Williston Park. Lots of produce- with good selection of Asian veggies and fruit, a fresh fish section, neatly packaged meats, Korean groceries, Korean frozen foods, Korean DVD rental. Opening later on, a baked good section with tea and coffee. Though I do have to say that H Mart's meat and fish are a bit nicer, But it is very convenient to just stop in one area to do all the cheap produce shopping.

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  1. This sounds good,if you return let's know if they also carry Ginseng root fresh or tinned Thanks

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      I just saw ginseng, fresh in the produce section of Han Au Reum Northern Blvd in Flushing QNS

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        Yes, I think I smelled ginseng.

      2. This is great, I know there's something in Hempstead (or is that the Williston Park one) and that's too far for me. But this would be a great combo with Fairway...too bad, I was just over that way this morning! Sorry I don't know everything about Korean, but I"m going to check it out.

        1. There is an oriental supermarket on West John Street in Hicksville. It is opposite a small strip mall, about halfway between Cantiague Rd and Broadway, on the south side. It is set back, adjacent to a parking lot for a company named AVA. Not easy to find and poor signage.

          In Hempstead there is V& T.

          V & T Supermarket
          12 N. Franklin Street

          The first full service Asian supermarket on Long Island complete with live fishery and deli counter, also houses a Chinese take-out restaurant with several rows of tables perfect for a quick bite before hitting the aisles, offering various entrees from the row of hot trays as well as a long menu of cooked to order dishes. There are many rejuvenating hot soups including very satisfying Roasted Duck, Shredded Beef and Shredded Chicken Noodle. Next to the food stand is a bakery with Latin style curry pies and other delights.

          Giant papaya and exotic melons and peppers are just some of the Asian produce in the large produce section. Ugly looking sweet durains are available for the bold and knowledgeable cook. Large glass tanks hold live stone crabs, eels and lobsters of various sizes. An aisle devoted to sauces and preparations includes bottles of rice vinegar, Ponzu sauce, oyster flavored sauce perfect with Chinese broccoli. Hot banana sauce from the Phillipines, Malaysian curry powder and silver bags filled with dried boiled anchovies are just a few of the hundreds of condiments. The deli counter is the only place on Long Island to make Vietnamese heros, called Banh Mi, all the rage in the city. The meat section has various pork bellies as well as pork feet and even goat meat.

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            sorry to tell you that the oriental food store on West John St. Hicksvile is no more.

            It was taken over by a wholesale outfit. You can order their stuff (retail) at their website
   get to the website via google which will give you a "translate"
            button to use if your chinese is rusty.
            The selection is not as good as the old store - too bad.

          2. You sold me! I have a meeting in Glen Cove Friday and I'm stopping here on the way back (gotta be cheaper than Whole Foods, my usual treat) I'll let you know what I find!

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              Please if you can let me know if they have tinned Ginseng I believe its either Korean or Siberian Thank you

            2. Also stopped by there. They carry Japanese, Chinese, and Thai besides Korean. The bakery is opened and ther are samples out to try. There is also a sushi bar and the sushi case was quite empty with the sushi chef trying to catch up. We managed to take out the sushi once and it was okay-nothing memorable but very reasonable. A pharmancy is also supposed to be opening. Can hardly wait to see that.