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Jan 27, 2007 11:06 PM

Coming to NYC to eat at all ASIAN FUSION restaurant

I amgoing to be in NYC for a 3 days and want to eat in at least 10 ASIAN FUSION restaurants in the city while I am there. I am researching new ideas for a magazine column I am doing. TAO and Buddakan is a must . Can anyone direct me to a few more?

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  1. Morimoto, Sushisamba, Bond Street, Buddha Bar, Fushia,Geisha,Blue Ribbon Sushi, Ruby Foos,

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    1. re: lcs

      Is there a difference in quality between the 2 Sushisambas (7th vs Park)?

      1. re: windycity

        the 7th Ave location is the trendier of the two (came-out of Sex and the City) and has an enclosed rooftop space. Can be quite noisy when packed which it usually is. The one on PAS is more suited for eating. The 7th Ave. location is more popular for the scene. Food is okay , cocktails - caiparinhas are one of the best in the city-imho.

    2. Safran
      88 7th Ave between 15th & 16th.

      1. BRIGHT FOOD SHOP for a sort of mex-asian fusion.

        1. Best in the city may be Asiate.

          1. Fatty Crab on Hudson just above Horatio St. and Mai House on Franklin St. just beside Nobu (which I actually consider Asian fusion as well - not really Japanese). Fatty Crab is an American take on Malaysian Cuisine and the latter on Vietnamese.

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              forgot about Kuma Inn on Ludlow bet. Delancey and Rivington on the 2/f right beside Suba.