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Good, Inexpensive Eats In Dublin/Pleasanton?

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Any ideas?

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  1. With both good AND inexpensive being qualifiers, your options are limited. All I can really recommend is Dean's in Pleasanton for breakfast. Tri-fold menu w/ like 100 different omelettes...and it has the dubious honor of being the ugliest restaurant I've ever encountered. EVER. Regardless, their omelettes are incredible and cheap at $8 (considering you won't have to eat the rest of the day).

    Otherwise, everything else in Pleasanton is overpriced & not very exciting....and Dublin mostly has chains.

    1. Tabla in the Trader Joe's plaza in Pleasanton is good Indian.

      Bangkok101 in Dublin is good Thai.

      1. I like Little Home for excellent Thai. It's off Santa Rita--in the strip mall by Trader Joes. Also Athens Burgers on Dublin Blvd for gyros. I work out there so these are lunch spots but I would go to Little Home for dinner--sometimes I go there for lunch and bring home dinner for the family. There are a bunch of Indian buffets in the area. My favorite is on Hopyard next to the Chevron right off 580.

        1. Matsu Sushi in Dublin (near the big movie theater complex off Hopyard) is suprisingly good. I'm a sushi-snob and actually think this place has great fresh fish and fun rolls. Its not fancy and its relatively inexpensive. Its where we always go before heading to a movie.

          1. Singapore Old Town Cafe at 4288 Dublin Blvd. has been open 3 weeks. Most lunch entrees are $6.95. Most dinner entrees under $10. I have been back once since my original review:


            Service has improved already, and the food remains outstanding.

            1. Thanks everyone, this is great. Several are new to me. I personally like Armadillo Willy's in the Safeway shopping center off Tassajara. Also there is an Indian place in the new shopping plaza off Dublin Blvd (next to the new Tomatina). The lunch specials at the Indian one are particularly good deals.

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                If you like Indian then try "Chutneys" restaurant of off Bollinger Canyon...next to Whole Foods and Target. Best Indian in the East Bay...not cheap but v. good....the owner had a restaurant under the same name in a different location near Blackhawk....sold it...name changed...quality went down, etc. New location opened sometime last year and is as good as it's been in the "old" place.

                Athen Burgers is just OK....burgers, fries, salads, etc....nothing special....

                There are also a couple of small, decent, non-chain Mexican places in Dublin (Picorocos and another place close to Dublin Honda...name escapes me) and the relatively "new" El Balazo location of off Hopyard is also not bad....

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                  The Mexican place near Dublin Honda is "Taqueria Azteca". One of my favorites there is thee Chili Verde plate. The pork is lean, spicy, but not hot. The soup is also great - very, very filling.

              2. Try Yang's in San Ramon for delicious Chinese food and great service. The portions are large and everything is fresh and delicious. We always end up with a ton of food to take home and are always amazed at how low the bill is. It is located at the top of the hill at Bollinger Canyon in the shopping center across from Clubsport.