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Jan 27, 2007 08:20 PM

Doujiang and youtiao in Philadelphia?


Anyone know where I can get a decent bowl of Doujiang with some youtiao and hopefully some scallion pancakes for breakfast?

Haven't had this breakfast since I was a kid in NY. My dad used to take me to a place which has long gone out of business.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Okay, I'll bite. What are they? I wonder if Ong serves them by another name?

    1. Doujiang is a soup made from bean milk, either savory or sweet. I'm looking for the savoury version, hopefully with a little youtiao already in it, some chili oil and scallions. Youtiao are long pieces of fried savoury dough that are crispy outside and tender/bready inside. I've seen youtiao in asian markets, but the old stuff isn't even close to a fresh fried piece. Same resemblance a fresh krispy kreme has to a day old supermarket donut.

      Douijiang/youtiao is a very old fashioned chinese breakfast. I haven't had it since my dad took me to a restaurant as a kid in NY. I saw some NY postings for it in the outer boroughs, and I was wondering if Phily had anything like it. It's a long shot, but what the heck.....

      Took a peek at Ong's menu on I saw they have a Chinese Cruller on the menu, so there's a shot at the youtiao. Don't think they have the doujiang, though. Thanks for the rec!

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        sounds great. if you find it, tell the board. is it regional? I remember someone was excited about congee at Greenland Bakery (?) in Chinatown, but congee is not doujiang.

      2. there is a soy place in chinatown between arch and appletree street on 10th that has what you need

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          Thanks for the recommendation. Can't wait to get over there and try it!