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Taco Bell Enchirito. Face it!

Yum! I order mine without beans. So very far from authentic, and so very far from any standard I would have if I was doing anything other than purposely gorging on fast-food, but OH MY! The cheesy, saucy, erzatz beefy goodness of it! I'll eat five or six of these at once and be HAPPY!
Closet Enchirito lovers reveal!

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  1. I'm in! I love them! They were off the menu for several years, but you should special order them. Now they're back on the menu in all their glory! I like them with beans, beef and extra red sauce.

    1. It's one of the few things I will order from Taco Bell. I get a side of sour cream with mine!

      1. I love them too but I liked them better years ago when they were served with black olives on top. Now THAT was good.

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          Agreed! My brother and I are convinced the Taco Bell menu has gone downhill since the 80s. We loved it then. Yes, I loved those black olives. Yes, I loved that enchirito.

        2. Me too but I liked them better when they used corn tortillas. I add sour cream and green onions to the top to the beans, beef and extra red sauce. Sometimes I squirt two or three mild sauce packets over the top.

          Don't eat them so much any more....thanks for making me crave some! *grin*

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          1. re: Dee S

            Thank you! I knew it was corn tortillas, but everyone I know swears they were always flour and like nypb I miss the black olives.
            What about the Bell Burger? now that was goodness...

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              Corn tortillas were used when TB first came out with the Enchirito back in the late 70s. Enchiritos were dropped from their menu offering for some time (but were made on demand, using the soft taco flour tortillas). When they reintroduced the Enchirito later one, they dropped the corn tortillas. I'm sure it had something to do with shelf life and multi-tasking capabilities. Enchirito was the only product using soft corn tortillas.

              I don't think I ever saw the Bell Burger on a TB menu. It might have been regional.

              1. re: Dee S

                This would have been in the mid 70s - when we had about 4 TB in Indianapolis -a Bell Burger was just the taco meat on a bun with alittle sauce and shredded cheese - it was delicious. But that was when I was young and the meated tasted ever so much better to me then.

                1. re: Spoonula

                  Does anyone remember the taco light? Made with a deep fried flour tortilla and had sour cream..Those were awsome! Wish they would bring them back, but they'd have to call them something else besides light!

                  1. re: Kari

                    My mom still misses Taco Light. That thing would fall apart on first bite. Also, every time we go to Taco Bell she orders a Pizzazz Pizza, the original name for Mexican Pizza. So funny.

                    1. re: Oh Robin

                      I used to like those too and they did fall apart easily!

                    2. re: Kari

                      those were my favorite, I really miss those.

            2. I always forget about them, but you're right, they are so good! And thanks, Dee S, for the variation. Sounds delish!

              1. Hey, what are they? How are they different from just a taco?!

                (I haven't been to Taco Bell in a half-dozen years, but I'm totally persuadable... ;-)

                1. Enchirito is basically and enchilada. Filled with beans, onions and ground beef, flour tortillas are covered with red sauce and grated cheese.

                  1. I'm in too. I love TB. I have no idea why. I guess it's still the teenager in me.


                    1. Love them! My co-worker takes them home and puts an over-easy egg on top. Ooooh...

                      Still miss the Chili Cheese Burrito though (sob).

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                      1. re: Oh Robin

                        We still have the Chili Cheese Burrito in Indiana....
                        Maybe if you ask for it - might be one of those "hidden menu" items

                        1. re: Spoonula

                          I wish but the chili mixture is it's own ingredient. www.chilicheese.org

                        2. re: Oh Robin

                          Formerly known as the "chilito". Supposedly they had to change the name of the item due to not realizing it's meaning in Spanish.

                          1. re: jgg13

                            I am almost afraid to ask, but what does that mean in spanish? Can you say it politely?

                        3. Yes, the Bellbeefers were great (isn't that what they called the ones on burger buns?). I miss those most of all. Chilitos were great as well. But does anyone remember the BLT Taco that came out briefly around '95? Man, those were good. Lots of crisp bacon, with lettuce, tomato, and some ranch-type dressing, on a corn tortilla. Yum. I guess they didn't fit in with the rest of their menu.

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                          1. re: Steve Green

                            The BLT Taco rings a bell, but I never had it. I love this thread. It brings back memories of old Taco Bell...the way it used to be. :)

                            1. re: katkoupai

                              Back in the 70& 80's the Bell in Maitland, FL had the giant plastic sombreros over the outside tables, you could see it a mile away...classic. My deal on the encharito was to have it with the green sauce, which was never on the menu, but could be special ordered, which they no longer offer. I still love them with the red sauce, but the encharito with green sauce was HOF material.

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                                I love Taco Bell as far as fast food is concerned. Their restaurants are always open late or all night. I love that. Their Beef Enchirito tops my list as the best item served.

                          2. Eewww. One of my best friends in grade school loved those things. In 8th grade he'd eat two or three a day. He had a paper route. I understand people have fond kid memories of it but I must say again...eewww.

                            Sorry for the buzz kill...proceed.

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                            1. re: ML8000

                              No "buzz kill" for us. We LOOOOVE Enchiritos! Always have & ALWAYS will.

                              In addition, I agree with the culinary connoisseurs on here that state the Beef Enchirito tastes better with a topping of black olives. Delicious!

                              1. re: YummyYum2

                                I love them too. I wish the would have left the olives on, but I just bring it home and add my own. I had no idea you could get them without the beans. I wonder if they are a lot smaller that way. I get the meximelt w/o the salsa in it and it is the same size, but that just a sauce.

                            2. I've been eating at TB since I was a kid and I can't believe I've never had an enchirito. Must try one soon.

                              Here in AZ they don't have chilitos/chili cheese burritos. I'm going back to MI for an anniversary party next month . . . anyone know if they're still on the menu there?

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                              1. re: mdepsmom

                                I had one for lunch today, eh. Some things should remain a memory...

                                1. re: mdepsmom

                                  Those chili cheese burritos are a regional thing, from what it says on the website. maybe if you look by the zip code you will be at you can find out if they have them.

                                2. I have a picture of a taco bell from around 1965 with the Mascot and fire pit out front. It's pretty cool, if anyone wants the pic email me at DA90027@yahoo.com and I will send it to you! Or look at it here.

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                                    That's a cool photo! I was living in Indiana back then so no Taco Bells around.

                                  2. I liked the original Enchirito with the corn tortilla much better than the current incarnation. And especially with the green sauce instead of the red. Ahhh...the old days, I wish Taco Bell still offered both!

                                    1. I could swear I had a Frito Burrito at a Taco Bell once in Texas. It reminded me of an Enchirito but with Frito chips inside. Did I make that up?

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                                        By the way it was BELL BURGER in the 60's not Bell beefer, that change came later maybe late 70's??

                                        1. re: jensvp

                                          No, they used to have a frito burrito with chili and cheese I think. I never tried it because I would rather have a chili pie ;-)