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Jan 27, 2007 07:20 PM

petit cafe on south court

anyone else love this place or what? i have been there maybe 4 times to eat and numerous times just to have acoffee and read. everytime it has impressed me but today was the best. i mean, saturday around 1 pm so it was packed. lots of lazy brunchers yknow? me and mine included. but with the house full to the brim, we still managed to receive great service, smiles the whole time, hot coffee and steaming plates of perfectly prepared food. loved it. absolutely think that that place is one of the growing number of reasons to visit south court street.

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  1. I think this place is beautiful. When we moved here in May I was walking past it and i just walked in and went all the way to the back. The place makes me happy. I have never eaten there i've always taken away. And the food is always wonderful. And yes they are friendly - should not they only take cash.

    1. we go every couple of weeks for brunch, it is fast becoming our favorite...ben you might have seen us there yesterday!