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Jan 27, 2007 07:17 PM

cafe dore (caribbean) on smith

anyone ever eaten at cafe dore on smith street in brooklyn? i ate there for the first time tonight. not too good at all. actually i didnt like mine. no, thats wrong - what i should say is that i liked it, it WAS fine. nothing wrong with it, i mean. it didnt taste bad. but my thought was why am i sitting in this poorly designed hole eating food that i could make myself, easily.
anyhow, just wondering if anyone has been there. its especially interesting to me becuase smith is so full of good places to eat. bear in mind, i will admit that it was very fairly priced (read: cheap), the service was absolutely wonderful, and the food came out incredibly fast. in fact, maybe i would have enjoyed actually waiting a bit longer.

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  1. the place is always empty. but we have been there and the food was great. we got the jerk shrimp and were surprised as to how spicy it was and took it as challenege. but yeah it was fine. but it made me nervous to be the only two in there...

    1. last night (saturday evening, round 8pm) it was more or less empty, too. i mean, maybe 4 tables plus ours...but not much action coming and going while we were there. this also probably contributed to the negative review im giving it. i mean, food taste aside, dining in a place while feeling like youre missing out on all the action right outside the door does not lend itself to a memorable occasion. i wouldnt say it was very spicey, but it was well-flavored. they much have a good lease or own the building or something, cuz i cant see a wholebunch of 8 to 9 dollar dishes bringing in enough for that prime smith location to stay afloat. been there a while hasnt it, tho.

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          1. dont you all think that the portions are way too small, tho?