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Jan 27, 2007 07:08 PM

Highlighted yellow text in search feature

On the "old" last week's site, if you were searching for soemthing, the search words would appear highlighted in yellow when the words were found. That does not happen any more. Now, if you search for a word, every result with that word will appear but you can't determine the relevance because you have to read every word carefully to find what you are searching for. Please bring back the yellow highlight on the search results.

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  1. Yes bring it back!!!
    Also, why cant we sort by date any more?

    1. It seems to be back, although the actual searching is still hopeless. I just tried to search the Boston Area board for several threads on the new bar in Allston, Deep Ellum - although I know that there are at least three threads on the topic, only one came up. HOWEVER, when I clicked on that one, lo and behold! My search terms were highlighted in yellow! Thanks, Engineering!

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      1. re: Allstonian

        Yes, the highlighting in yellow is back now...I'm very happy about that!

        1. re: Val

          WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HIGHLIGHTING? It was thankfully restored and now it seems to have disappeared, making Search almost useless, given that you've yet to address other issues such as SORTING BY DATE. PLEASE RESTORE THE HIGHLIGHTING OF KEY WORDS (or advise if it's a sudden individual problem w/ my site & not a sitewide failure.

          1. re: archer

            Yes, we really need the highlighting back!!!! It makes it so much easier to find what i am looking for if the post had over 50 replies.