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Jan 27, 2007 07:05 PM


We're coming in from NYC for our son's 30th birthday. Need a special restaurant with good food in Saratoga if possible. Thank you.

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  1. Don't know much about eats in Saratoga, it's hardly ever mentioned (if ever). However, it's very close to Los Gatos, which has Manresa, considered one of the finest restaurants in the US.

    1. The only restaurant I frequent in Saratoga is La Fondue. Don't let other 'fondue' restaurants fool you, La Fondue has been like no other fondue restaurant I've been to (I'm not a huge fan), if you don't go for dinner make sure to at least swing by for dessert (Sun-Thurs after 10pm)

      There's also Manresa in Los Gatos as well as Forbes Mill for Steaks & James Randall.

      If you're looking for chinese/asian head toward cupertino where Joy Luck Restaurant, Loon Wah, Canton Delights, and many other reside. Saratoga is pretty central to everything, you should have no problem finding a restaurant to suit your needs.

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        I, too, love La Fondue.

        Don't let them talk you into the full meal combos. A full pot of cheese can feed 4 people. A half pot, 2. And then finish with dark chocolate fondue. They have the best fondue dippers of any place I know. And the decor is fab.

      2. Has anyone tried Gervais recently? I have not, but when talking to one of the Fabriques de Delices vendors at a farmer's market this summer, he gave me a card for the place and noted he and partners had bought the place. I think it's been under new management for about a year.

        From the menu, looks to be traditional French, with somewhat high prices.

        1. Sent Sovi doesn't get much love on this board, but I find that the service is always professional, the space elegant and romantic, and the food always solid if not inspired. Easily the best fine dining in Saratoga, IMO.

          1. in saratoga: sent sovi. plumed horse.
            nearby los gatos: manresa. james randall. diodekka. forbes mill.
            nearby san jose: le papillon.