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Jan 27, 2007 06:37 PM

please help! Boston shaker vapor lock

I need my Martini, but my Boston shaker seems to want it for itself. Can anyone please tell me what I can do differently in the future so that my Boston shaker will open up? About half the time I use it I can't get the two halves to separate. It's a relatively new shaker that I picked up for $10 when I last visited the St. George's Spirits distillery. Do I need to make sure that the glass half (which is the smaller half) is on the bottom, and the metal half on top? Or vice versa? It's not simply a matter of brute force -- believe me, I've used plenty. This thing seems welded shut. I have the hammer out, and it's about to get REAL ugly here. Thanks for your help.

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  1. The shaker should consist of a 28 oz. tin and a 16 oz glass. Always have the glass on top when shaking. If it gets stuck gently tap the side of the tin, where the glass is closest, on the corner of the bar.

    1. It's an extremely common problem with those types of shakers due to expansion and contraction with temperature, or maybe that shaker was just manufactured to be too tight.

      1. I much prefer to use a 2 part metal on metal shaker setup. (Not a 3-piece cobbler shaker)

        I never have a problem using the metal ones, they will release with just a snap.

        1. I use the same metal-and-glass setup that you do, and have become very experienced in breaking the seal; it's all about technique. Put the shaker vertically on the counter, metal side down and the glass pointing up and away from you. Firmly hold the glass with one hand, and then bonk the side of the metal part with the heel of your hand. The shaker should pop right open.

          Also, when sealing the shaker up, don't pound the glass part down in too hard, as that will make it harder to open when you're done shaking. Generally one good thump on the glass should do it; you know you have it right when you can pick the whole thing up by just the glass. If liquid still escapes, give it one more thump.

          1. jk,I left you a post on the blackberry sage cordial.