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May 23, 2005 06:39 AM

"love at first bite" cupcakery in berkeley

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I had the privilege of enjoying an afternoon snack today at love at first bite. Located in walnut square in berkeley (corner of vine and walnut -- hidden inside the square!), this is a welcome addition to my neighborhood!!

They have a variety of choices, which I will most likely muddle when noting here, but they include lemon cake with lemon frosting, chocolate cake with vanilla or chocolate buttercream, a raspberry frosting, incarnations of pumpkin, banana, and carrot cupcakes... their specialty claim is old fashioned desserts -- cupcakes, banana pudding, bread pudding, red velvet cake... Ingredients include Nielsen-Massey Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Guittard and Schokinag chocolates, DeZaan and Guittard cocoas, premium Saigon cinnamon.

They also had strawberry marshmellow fluff in jars for sale!

My chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream was just perfect, I can't even begin to describe how perfect.. I wanted to run back in and have several more. I thought it was a little on the pricey side -- $2.50 -- considering a few blocks away at the Virginia Bakery I can get cupcakes for $1.05 each. HOWEVER, there is nowhere near the varietey or flavor.. although i am partial to Virginia's fudge frosting. ;) I will definitely be back to Love At First Bite!

Oh, and if you stop by in the afternoon (I forget what times??) with a parent and kid in tow, it's 10% off your purchase! yum!

1510 Walnut Street, Suite G

Then you can drool over the exquisite letterpress operation at twig and fig, just steps away. Sigh. I'm in heaven!!

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  1. I stopped by over the weekend - they had a cupcake called chocolate razzle - a chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream. DELISH!! You could actually taste the real raspberries and the baker confirmed that the buttercream is made with real raspberries. I took home a box and their carrot cupcake and pumpkin cupcake were also excellent. Really moist! I wish they would just sell their frosting - I could eat tubs of it!

    1. Yum! I know where I'm taking my cupcake-loving boyfriend!

      1. I was very excited to try this place, and my verdict is that it's okay. We did get there quite late, so their supply was quite depleted. I would like to go early to get the visual impact of all that variety. I took a few cupcakes home and have had the chocolate with chocolate buttercream (frosting was the best part) and the peanut butter (less successful). The chocolate cake portion is not very chocolatey and doesn't have a very good crumb. They should try some different cake recipes. I think the cupcakes are really too small to be charging $2.50-$2.75 a pop.

        My companion felt that her sister made much better cupcakes and we both agreed her sister could make a killing if she opened her own shop. ;)

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          I also was somewhat let down. I had a chocolate cupcake, with chocolate frosting. The frosting was way too sweet and the cupcake was rather dry. Like they were baked from a recipe which no one had taste-tested and tweaked in a while. I'd rather get something from Masse's, one block along. But I DO love the word 'cupcakery'.

        2. try the coconut cupcake, the gingerbread one, and the (already mentioned) pumpkin. after i eat one of their cupcakes i just sit there making "mmmm" noises cause i cant even begin to describe how good they are (but moist, perfect amount of sweetness, and just overall delicious come to mind). but you have to try the hummingbird. its a southern cake, and its wonderful! my favorite cupcake there and i eat cake all the time =)


          oh! almost forgot. dont even bother with the red velvet cake. thats my favorite cake (in general) but the "red hot love" cupcake is dry and tasteless.

          the green tea one and the strawberry one are good also, but not nearly as good as the ones i mentioned above.

          .. wow i eat a lot of cake =/

          1. My favorite thing here is the mini cupcakes - cupcakes remind me of 1st grade birthday parties and I absolutley love them, but I feel too guilty for eating the huge ones! So the little guys work just perfectly. Part of my weekly Thursday indulgence is a mini oreo cupcake from love at first bite, followed by multiple samples from Frog Hollow at the farmers market, way more cheese and bread than I ever intended to buy at the Cheeseboard, and finally a latte from Peets. God my thursdays are pure heaven!