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Jan 27, 2007 06:27 PM

Saturday SF Lunch Spot?

Any recommendations for a nice mid-priced or fine dining Saturday lunch in the city? All of the places I really want to try (notably, Perbacco, A16, Boulevard) are not open for lunch on Saturdays (or at all in some cases). No preference on neighborhood or type of cuisine; $30-40PP sans alcohol. As always, thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. It's not the same type of cuisine as the ones that you listed, but I think Slanted Door has Saturday lunches.

    1. Definiteley the Ferry Building is worth a trip. Best lunch i've ever had, however, was a couple weeks ago at Tartine. Sandwich, latte, salad, and chocolate pudding, but all were top notch.

      1. Sorry...should have specified...anywhere BUT the Ferry Building. I'll likely be there for breakfast.

        1. I asked this same question here a couple of years ago. Most of the most interesting trattorias and bistros are closed for lunch Saturday, which is so frustrating - and San Francisco a tourist city!

          I really like Chez Papa in the Potrero Heights area. I want to sit down to a proper lunch with first courses, main courses, and desserts, and CP does this for lunch on a Saturday. A bonus is that there's usually easy-to-find parking nearby. It's a French, kind of Provencal place, and I've never had a bad meal there.

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            You'd think some restauranteurs would have caught on to the need for this niche, given the lack of options for a Saturday lunch in the city. I looked at Chez Papa's menu and it seems like just the type of place I'm looking for. What do you recommend there? I noticed that they had a seared Foie Gras appetizer for $10...have you tried this? Seems like a deal!

          2. That's just what I think. There are a lot of people in outlying cities near SF, and we'd like to have lunch at some of the more cozy bistros in the City, yet they're mostly closed on Saturday for lunch. Of course, all the crummy touristy joints and corporate sandwich chains are open, but that's not my idea of fine dining in the best foodie city of the west coast!

            My husband always gets the foie gras appetizer and loves it. I usually get some sort of lighter vegie appetizer and save my cholesterol consumption for something like the lamb daube main course. Their moules and frites are quite excellent, IMO, and they have a nice selection of French wines by the glass.