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Bostone Pizza!!!

OK, this post is coming from a big fan of Newbury Pizza. I loved the divey digs and the no-frills foldable new york style slices.

I was skeptical about the new pizzeria that was replacing it, which had the suspect name Bostone Pizza. However, walking home today I noticed that the new place was open. Thus, even though I had recently eaten dinner, I stopped in to try a slice.

The inside has been totally redone, and looks nice, with sleek, clean lines, new countertops, tables, and chairs, and new signage. They also took the old Newbury Pizza sign and have hung it in the corner. According to the owner, they are going to have a little Newbury Pizza tribute area with pictures and news clippings. A nice touch.

I chatted with the owner; she said it was the first day open, and that she had bought the place with her husband. I told her that I was a big fan of NP, and she told me that the pizza was NOT the same pizza, but their own new recipe. They also have a huge selection of sicilian slices, which, according to the owner, is their specialty. I do like squares, but I was just in the mood for a taste of their regular thin crust so I ordered a plain slice, which is a bit pricey at $2.50, but about the same as Newbury Pizza's slices. She also gave me a free plain square to go, which I thought was really sweet of her!

Ok, so the pizza....IT''S GOOD...VERY good! It is a classic new york style thin crust slice, with a nice not-too-sweet but flavorful sauce, and a crisp yet pliable crust. My slice was not soggy in the least, with no tip sag to speak of (but that is fairly common with a reheated individual slice). It was very similar to Newbury Pizza's formula, but I actually thought the proportion of crust to sauce to cheese was a little bit better. I haven't eaten my free sicilian slice yet--it's still in the fridge, and I'm still too full from my Abe and Louis cheeseburger lunch--but as soon as I try it I will report back on that as well. But, for now, I am happy to say that the Back Bay once again has its reliable, New York style slice joint...though I'll miss the gruff, old school fat guy who used to make the pies at NP! Prices for plain pies have gone up slightly, from 11 something to 12.50, and they don't have newbury pizza's good "half-pie" deal, which was 6 dollars, but there is an 8 inch pie for $8. A pepperoni is $13.50. They also have the standard subs: chicken parm, italian, meatball, steak 'n cheese, and a very wide selection of sicilian slices. Definitely worth checking out if you're on Newbury St. The only thing I'll say is that I wish their individual slices were a bit bigger for $2.50. Newbury Pizza's individual slices were actually bigger than an 8th of a pizza; they used to cut the slice pies into six slices, so that for your $2.50 you were actually getting a sixth of a pie. Bostone's slices are regular 8th of a pie slices. I'm sure their rent is obscene, though.

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  1. I worked at MJ's in Roslindale 30+ years ago. Whole pies cut in 8, slices in 6.

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      MJ's still does that... I will only buy a slice form there as their whole pie jsut isn't that great... :( Same w/ Pini's in Somerville - FANTASTIC slices not so fantastic pie...

    2. A quick addition. I heated up my sicilian slice and the oven today and am happy to report that it too is very good. I have not bee to Armando's, which I hear is great, but this is probably the best square that I've had in the city since I moved here. A wonderful crust, both crisp and airy, and a nice pronounced flavor of basil to go with the tomatoes and cheese.

      I stopped by again today for another regular slice and told the owners how much I enjoyed their pizza. The plain slice I had today was fresher than the one I had last night and even tastier...they really have the cheese, sauce, crust proportion down. I hope they find success, though it is a competitive neighborhood and they are across the street from the trendy yet horribly overrated Upper Crust. i live around the corner from both places, and can honestly say that Bostone will be my standby place for whole pies and sicilian from now on, though Upper Crust's individual slices are a bit more filling (and about twice the size) for around the same price.

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        Armando's is not great. The crust is too short (gluten-wise), and lacks salt and flavor.

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          I must disagree. Armando's is terrific pizza and an excellent sicilian slice. The pizza is just like New York, which I miss very much.

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            And there are a thousand crappy pizza places in New York, just like here.

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              Alas, more crappy ones than good ones these days, at least in Manhattan. Still good pizza to be found in the outer boroughs and New Jersey.

      2. I'm glad to hear you thought the pizza's good, I too was skeptical, but am now eager to try. I tried stopping by last week and but it looked like they were still finishing up. I'd be interested to know if the subs they make are any good (while I loved Newbury's pizza, I thought the subs were just so-so).

        1. The sicilian pizza at Panificio on the corner of mass ave and comm ave is excellent, I've had it several times...and the price is good too.

          I'm a Newbury Pizza lover from way back... when I first started working in Boston, about 12 years ago, i use to eat there all the time. My new company recently moved to Back Bay and I was saddened to find that NP had closed. I'll have to go check out the new place soon.

          Thanks for the update.

          1. Try their spinach and cheese Sicilian pizza! It's deliziouso! I am told that the name, Bostone, comes from the fact that there are pizza stones built into the ovens (the same ovens that Newbury Pizza used) to add flavor and of course, Bostone is in Boston. I like the added vowel on the end, too, since every Italian family name ends in a vowel.

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              Oh! I didn't catch that. I thought it must have to do with a stone oven or something. That's pretty goofy but cute.

            2. This Sicilian style, thick crust pizza, is outstanding. And I usually stay away from the thick crust pan pizzas because they usually remind me of a soggy grilled cheese sandwich. Bostone turned me around with their crispy, crunchy crust. The tomato-basil was perfect, the spinach-cheese likewise. Their thin crust style is also delicious. As you can tell, I enjoyed 2 more slices than I needed. It's seductive. And no trans-fats, says Bostone partner/manager, Chris King.

              1. It's nice to finally have a neighborhood place with good squares!

                1. After living and working so close to Newbury Pizza for so long, is was strange to walk in to the redesigned Bostone Pizza today. I echo everything tamerlanenj wrote in the OP.

                  I went with a plain slice and a sicilian pepperoni slice. Both were fantastic, I am eager to try an entire pie. The sauce is zesty and not too sweet, really just about perfect. I thought the sicilian was way better than Armandos or Panificio. The regular NY style slice was a great consistency with the right mix of sauce and cheese.

                  Bostone puts Upper Crust (across the street) to shame. The service could not have been nicer. Hopefully word will spread, and this place will do well. The one thing they can improve on is slice sice (for the regular slices). I will mention that to them on my next visit as they seemed happy to receive feedback.

                  1. For $2.50, I agree the regular slice needs to be bigger. I also found it a little bland on its own. I went late afternoon after lunch, maybe it had sat there for a while. I didn't sample the sicilian, but they seem to have a big selection laid out, like Pinochio's, which looked good. Will probably try that next time. I also thought the redesign a little strange given Newbury's long residence there, but think it's ok. I think the staff is nice, but the matching shirts and hats a little goofy.

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                      They must have read the thread. The slices are now huge!

                    2. I went to the ridiculously named Bostone Pizza for lunch today (my first day working in the Prudential Center). It was pretty good! Definitely a nice thing to have nearby. I got a slice of the neopolitan, though as soon as it was in the oven I noticed a gorgeous broccoli sicilian that I wished I could have (the broccoli was just the tiniest bit charred and looked fantastic).

                      The slice was good, but in my not-very-humble-when-it-comes-to-pizza opinion it wasn't neopolitan or even New York style. More like the glorious lovechild of New York style and Greek style pizzas. The crust definitely had a Greek pizza taste to it (though the thinness and shape were NY), and the sauce and cheese were more NY style. Nice and crispy, not too much cheese. Overall, very tasty. One slice isn't quite filling enough for lunch, though. Hopefully the Sicilian slices will be jussst right.

                      1. Anyone know if Bostone delivers?

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                          They will also expand the area a bit for large office deliveries.

                        2. Yes, to a limited area. There is a sticker on the take-out menu I picked up the other day.

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                            Cool. I suspect I'm in there delivery area and will give them a try.

                            I had Upper Crust delivered last night. It arrived fresh and hot, and I thought it was really good, but it's always good to have alternatitves.

                          2. Just tried Bostone pizza for the first time. I LOVE IT!!! I'll be going there from now on!! It's great to have a place that makes good NY style pizza and Sicilian.

                            1. Still loving the pizza, but with the warm weather coming, they are going to have to work on the service a lot. Went by at 1:30p on the warm day last week and the line was to the door like at the old Newbury pizza. The difference was that it took about 20 min to get to order, then another 10-15 for the food to come out. People were getting the wrong orders left and right. It was a complete disaster. Hopefully they will get the service up to speed.

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                                I tried Bostone for the first time yesterday, I was very disappointed after reading all of the good recs. The cheese wasn't gooey and the crust reminded me of one step up from frozen. Even though it's a hike, I'm sticking to HiFi Pizza in Dorchester. The best gooiest with a great crust...a little chooey and a little crispy. Even reheated the cheese is still gooey and that's just a regular cheese pizza without extra cheese. They're also very generous with their added toppings. I friend of mine, who is also a Hi Fi fan, told me the ex manager of HiFi opened Maple St Pizza in Hyde Park last year and the pizza is the same as HiFi.

                                1. re: catsmeow

                                  Never in all my pizza eating days did I consider "gooey" something to hold in a pizza's favor.

                                  I like the conservative amount of cheese on a Bostone slice. Prevents tip sag. Your criticism of the crust strikes me as baffling, as it is a superior ny style medium thin. Perhaps you're a fan of spongy greek?

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                                    The crust at Bostone is overproofed, making it more bready than a proper slice should be. Though catsmeow's comment doesn't seem to be referring to that at all.

                                    1. re: Luther

                                      Are you talking about the sicilian crust? Because I didnt find that to be the case at all with the thin crust.

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                                        Nope, regular round style. It had a crisp/bready/papery texture the time I tried it (only once though).

                              2. Whatever with tip sag, the Sicilian slices are better than the regular, which I think are kind of just ok, not as good as Newbury's was. It tends to be generic and on the bland side. Though yeah, it's better than a slice you can expect at most pizza places in the area, and it's still gratifying to have a non "gourmet" pizza place in the Back Bay.

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                                  I have to say that I never understood why people say the Upper Crust is so good. It's like eating a slice of toast with cheese. I am excited to try out this new place. As a native New Yorker I am extremely picky about my pizza and I've noticed the common problems here are the floppy crust, waaayyyy too thin crust, not enough sauce and the not cooked long enough pizza. If the cheese is still all white, the pizza is not done. For those out there like me I've found that if you discover a joint that makes a decent pizza than just order your pie with extra sauce and well done or just finish it in your oven in case they might mistake "well done" for "on fire".

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                                    As for the toast with cheese comment, that's not my experience at all. BTW, as someone who lives both in NY and Boston, I am of the opinion that NY has the same proportion of good-to-bad pizza places in Boston; i.e., the vast majority in both cities are not particularly good, yet both have a handful (in the case of NY, a bigger handful) of really good places.

                                2. Finally made it here for a slice today. Didn't exactly rush. :o)

                                  Unlike tamerlane, I wasn't a huge fan of Newbury... it was fine for a slice if you were in the area, but nothing to get terribly excited about. A respectable "I want a slice!" place.

                                  Bostone is better than Newbury. When I walked in, it smelled like New Jersey...in a great way... the smells took me back me the pizza places of my youth. I ordered a pepperoni slice. The crust was perfectly done--crispy and light but with enough heft to carry the toppings; I thought it could use a juuuuust little more flavor, but I definitely agree that you want to err on the simpler side here, if anything. Unfortunately, the toppings I felt were ordinary. The wonderful smells of the place did not find their way into the sauce. It was just there. The cheese was OK.

                                  Maybe I've just been spoiled by Upper Crust (when they do it right). You can wail to the heavens about how "OMG, UC is not a traditional pizza, the sauce is too sweet" or whatever. But I like what UC does with combining the sweet sauce with the garlic and other stuff they put in there. Like it or not, it definitely is more flavorful than Bostone. I will give Bostone the crust, though. Upper Crust has become too unpredictable in the crust department since they've started expanding rapidly. (Actually, they've been uneven generally for a couple years.)

                                  I also think Venice Pizza, on Cambridge Street, is better. (I don't go there anymore for non-food related reasons, however.)

                                  Regarding the name, I prefer to pronounce it as if it were Italian: bos-STOHN-eh. Way less ridiculous than Boss Tone. :o)

                                  1. Went to Bostone Pizza for the first time and I was pretty disappointed. Since I wanted to get an idea of the menu I gave a couple things a try.

                                    I started with a slice of the plain cheese. I wasn't very impressed. It was a large slice with a slightly crunchy crust from the reheating. The sauce was good but the cheese just didn't taste right and the whole thing reminded me of frozen pizza.

                                    Next I went with a Ham and Pineapple sicilian slice. This was so much better than the first. I really wouldn't even bother with the regular pizza as IMO you would be better off with bar pizza for the taste and price. The squares were crispy on the outside with a soft center that was really good. The toppings were tasty and fresh.

                                    Lastly I got a small order of the Mozzarella garlic bread. This was pretty bad. The italian bread was below average and I never thought this possible but there was way too much cheese. The bread to cheese ratio was 1-2 which made for a greasy and soggy time. Also the garlic was freshly chopped but was distributed so some bites had no garlic and other times it was like chewing on a raw clove.

                                    My friend ordered the cheese steak and he wasn't crazy about it. It was not shaved(which is what he was looking for) and it was more akin to a steak-um.

                                    The website allowed for delivery and dine in orders but not take out. Since that's what we wanted we had to order at the counter. Since it was the lunch rush the service was spotty and the wait for the food was long. I don't mind the wait since we are talking about downtown Boston but why have a website that offers online ordering but not have it completely up and running. My three items came to around $9.50 which was fine if it had only tasted better.

                                    All in all I would only go back for the sicilian but really with other choices in the area you would have a better shot at finding me at the Prudential Food Court at Regina's than back at Bostone. Since most of the reviews are from 2007 I wasn't sure if things had changed or if this is still a board recommendation.