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Jan 27, 2007 04:42 PM

Fogo de Chão or another Churrascaria?

I am looking for recommendations for a Churrascaria in Philly. Anyone?


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  1. Just popping this forward a bit, to see if any has any ideas yet. I Have since been to the Fogo de Chão in Baltimore and it was great.

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    1. re: Quine

      In Center City you're either going to Fogo or Chima. Between the two, Fogo is the easy choice.

      For about half the price, you can go to Picanha on Castor Ave. in the Northeast. Authentic and good, but with less frills than the Center City churrascarias.

      Picanha Brazilian Grill
      6501 Castor Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149

      1. re: asb165

        What is 'half the price'? I want to take my friend there for her birthday.

        1. re: lovetheson

          It's been a few months since I was at Fogo de Chao and at Picanha. When I was there, Fogo was about $45 per person and Picanha was about $23. While Picanha is half the price, it is 25% of the quality and 5% of the atmosphere. Picanha is BYO though, they will mix your Caprihanas for you. Depends on what you're looking for, Fogo is a more upscale atmosphere and Picanha is definitely neighborhood casual. I like them both.

    2. I agree that Pichana is a great option. It definitely is not as upscale as Fogo de Chao, no-frills is an understatement, but it does have a fun lively vibe about it. The price is right. Bring some wine or a bottle of alcohol, and you will have a fun night. And if you are big drinkers, I actually think it might wind up being way less than half price since Pichana is a BYO.

      1. Does anyone know which has the saltier food? I realize that Brazilians make most of this salty in the curing, but I have been to some places where the meat was almost inedible it was so salty

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        1. re: FriedClamFanatic

          It's not really "curing". Just a quick brining or sprinkling. I have had some days at Picanha VERY salty and others not. I guess it can depend on the chef, because that has happened at Fogo as well.

          1. re: phillyjazz

            We go to Picanha pretty often, and it is always the same guy manning the grill - he claims to work about 70 hours a week, and I believe him. It is a neighborhood place, not an expense account chain like Fogo or Chima. They have certificates on - if you take advantage of the promotions, you can get a $50 cert for as little as $4. The grilled meats and salad bar choices are good, but not as extensive as at the upscale chains. Desserts are made in-house as well.