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Inexpensive Cake Stand Help

I'm looking to buy 12 cake stands for my wedding in March. Essentially my friend is making my wedding cakes, and we're making small two-tiered cakes for each table as a centerpiece. The least expensive cake stand I've been able to find is at target for $7.99, but shipping and handling is $8.99. So essentially it's a $17 cake stand. Does anyone know where I can find less expensive stands? I went to Ikea today in Emeryville, but the stand there was too big. Please let me know if you have any ideas of where I can find cake stands for $10 and under. I live in Napa, but I can easily make it to San Francisco. Thanks so much!

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  1. They don't discount shipping for ordering more than one! I checked it on Amazon. However the Target site shows the cake stand and cover and has a block to check to find local availability in their stores. They do say that prices may vary!! But if you just go pick them up at the stores, no shipping. They list a couple of Napa stores. It might be worth checking out.

    1. Have you checked with bakery/ cake baking supply type places? IN NY, NY Cake, online Sweet Celebrations or similar? I dont know what your concept is, but they might have items that would serve. You might even be able to make something and save a few bucks.

      1. I got mine at a 99cents store type place. Do you have any of those near where you live? Also at baking supply stores they often have disposable cake stands that look decent.

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          Anyone that does cakes should have access to such basic supplies as cake circles/doilies. Tuffboard (brand name) http://www.tuffboardcakeboards.com/ is probably one of the better places but has a modest cost involved. It is just craft work to turn those things into gorgeous stands.


          1. How about just using pretty plates and having them sit on top of a stand (something like a couple of pretty napkin rings or Wilton tier plates) and then draping tuile/ivy/flowers along the plate and down? If you use a tall cake stand, with a two tiered cake on top, your guests might not be able to see each other across the table. You want the centerpieces to be lower than eye level. You could also try EBay.

            1. i bought a cheap cake stand at michael's - the craft store? you wouldn't think they'd have it but they have all this bakeware stuff. i don't remember how much it cost (sorry!) but it was fairly cheap & i think they had other selections. also, do you have industrial cooking stores in your area? they tend to sell things bulk & cheaper?

              1. Try your basic, cheap, plastic Lazy Susan, but just make sure it is round. This was a clever tip from Cook's Illustrated website. I had never thought of it before, but by golly they work just as good as an expensive, professional cake turntable. However, I cannot speak to the durability question.

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                  I am not for sure if the OP had a turntable in mind, but if any kids or playful adults are at the event, I would highly advise against it.

                  Perhaps give it a twirl and see? ;-)


                2. i would look at a restaurant supply or baking supply store.. but I would look at goodwill or of the sort for them, different but similiar (such as white or glass) could be nice... or ask friends if they have ones to borrow for the day... if all else fails, I would look at buying a round of wood for the top and another piece for the base (thinking of something like a finial) that could be nailed together and then painted/sealed.

                  1. I would suggest just using an ordinary cake board - people will be looking at the cake, rather than what it's sitting on, and you can decorate it with flowers, etc. if you like. I think this is a great idea btw - I thought about doing it for my wedding!

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                      Thanks, I love the idea too. I think what I'm going to end up doing is using Fabbri cherry jars and gluing a plate to the top of those :)

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                        When I worked for a flower shop we cut down a length of 8 inch plastic pipe to make risers for table arrangements. Spray glue held white satin on the outside and the container sat on top. We ended up using these quite often, changing the colors to suit the wedding.

                    2. I know it is too lake to submit this...seeing how you already probably got married. But I, too, was in the same situation. I am getting married in June and just found cake stands and www.annsbridalbargains.com they were $5 apiece. Just FYI if someone else is looking.....

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                        I actually registered on this web site just to send ccarter a thank you. I've been searching the web for deals on cheap cake stands for my upcoming wedding, and until now hadn't found anything that was even close to being a deal. I found the $5 acrylic cake stand on the site you suggested, and it was really pretty. I'm so happy you posted your comment. Congratulations and best of luck in your marriage!

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                          I was wondering if anyone had any more suggestions for finding cheap cake stands. They have raised the price on the website to $6, which still isn't bad. I would even be interested in purchasing from a former bride who doesn't need them anymore. Please give any suggestions.

                        2. I am doing the same thing and would like advise on how to let the guests know that they can go get cake off of another table...sharing???

                          1. What about Mason Jars? Set you plate on top or glue it. They come in different sizes and you could fill them with coordinating fruit or flavors of your cake to pretty it up. Ribbon, toulle, flowers and voila you have a centerpiece. Plus mason jars are in most supermarkets and discount stores like Target and Walmart.

                            1. I recently bought a simple, white Cordon Bleu cake stand at Shackford's on Main in Napa. I can't remember the price - I don't think it was under $10, but maybe $12 to $14? See what they can do for you. I like the Fabbri cherry jar idea.

                              1. I recently bought two dome-covered stands at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99. They resemble the diner model when the dome is on, but for your wedding cakes, they will easily do the trick without the dome. They also had a $40 model, but I passed. The inexpensive ones made supermarket cakes look wonderful at a recent party we gave.

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                                  $9.99? That is a really good deal. Did is work out well?

                                2. OMG I have such an assortment of cakes stands and domes. I have expensive ones and then a couple that are not as expesnive but sturdy and nice looking. One from Linens and Things converts into a punch bowl. It was either 9.99 or 19.99. You flip the pedistal, and the stem is hollow. Flip the dome, and the dome is now a bowl. Really handy. Now if I only baked cakes more often!

                                  This response is so late you've probably married already and have a couple of kids by now!!!

                                  1. when i made the epicurious cupcakes for the tower at a wedding once, the cake stand was made of the silver cardboard cake discs....and each layer was divided by dollar store plastic champagne flutes or what not, hot glued in place. It actually looked pretty cute!

                                    1. Hi, I'm in L.A., & there is a well-equipped store here called "Kake Kreations" that carries a myriad of cake-stand bases & sizes, as well as Wilton stuff & supplies. Perhaps they mail-order? In your commercial downtown area (South of Market in SF?), there should be some good restaurant supply stores. These types of places are a goldmine for cooking, serving & baking supplies. Congrats on the wedding & good luck with the cakes!! -Jet

                                      1. Linens and Things has one for $9.99 made by Anchor. It has a dome cover that you can leave off for the wedding,. The stand can even be inverted so that the dome can fit inside it when turned upside down to make a giant goblet in the future if you want to use it that way - maybe a trifle or banana pudding, etc.. I have two, and you can't beat them. I doubt thatt hey would have 12 in stock, however, so you may need to call and ask them to get them for you. They are made by Anchor. I would not order for home delivery unless I could get free (and insured) shipping.

                                        1. What about using those clear glass 8" building bricks from somewhere like Home Depot? Turned flat on its side, it's really pretty. Cheap, solid and you can use them afterwards....unlike 12 cake stands sitting in your garage!

                                          1. Hi, there! I was just digging around the Web looking for cake plates for my wedding (I'm doing a cake buffet) and came across this thread. I'm thinking you're probably married by now, yes? Which solution did you end up going with? And, um... do you want to sell your plate collection??

                                            1. Hi all,
                                              I've been unsuccessful at sourcing 18 cake stands for my upcoming wedding. If anyone has a lot of them, please be in touch. . .i will gladly buy them from you.
                                              MANY THANKS

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                                                Did you try Martha Stewart at KMart? I got a nice, inexpensive one there, and being a mass marketer, you should be able to get a bunch of them...

                                              2. This link shows you a great way to make a great looking wedding cake stand for really cheap and it will be exactly what you want.


                                                1. I know this is way past the wedding but it may help another. Get a crystal candlestick and a glass plate from a dollar store. Adhere the candlestick to the middle of the bottom of the plate with a glue that will adhere glass to glass like E6000 or Goop. It makes a very attractive cake plate. If you need to make a cupcake stand, do the same thing with graduated plates, making sure that the candlestick is tall enough to clear the top of the cupcakes. Cost $2 plus the glue.