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Jan 27, 2007 03:17 PM

deep dish pizza in Montreal !?

I want some pizza with a huge, crispy, olive-oil-scented crust, Chicago style. All I can seem to find here in Montreal is the fancy thin kind, and the dollar slice variety from the metro (icky). Please help! I live in the Plateau, but I'll travel anywhere; truth be told I've even gone out to Pizza Hut near Radisson metro a couple of times since I moved here, in quest of their crust.

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  1. It's not really a deep-dish pizza, but Tasty Food on Decarie has a pan pizza(they have been making that type of pizza for decades). However I find their pizzas mediocre.

    1. I've recently been to Tasty Food and I wouldn't compare their pizza crust to a deep dish pizza. Sorry!

      I did really like the sauce they used on their pizza but, the over pizza experience at Tasty Food was, as BLM stated, mediocre.

      I wish I could give you more of a recommendation but, I've only tried a few pizza places none of them know a deep dish pizza. I would say the closest would don't shoot me...but, Pizza Hut.

      1. Again, not deep dish, but not thin crust either! Had the best pizza in recent memory at Amelio's on Ste Famille at Milton. It's BYOW too!

        1. Try B&M on Somerled in NDG, it's not deep dish chicago style but it's loaded with toppings and a good sized crust. That's where I order from ever since Miss Decarie closed (RIP). lol

          1. I like Domino's in Square Victoria (no, they're not all the same, the sauce here is better tasting + more generously applied). They have what they call a pan pizza which looks like a deep dish pizza (haven't tried it as I prefer regular or thin crust myself).