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Jan 27, 2007 02:26 PM

pommes frites

word. i love fries.

lately, after reading about a trendy place in NYC that has belgian fries, i've been wanting to try fries when they're made in that sort of boutique belgian fashion.

are there any belgian/french spots in central FL that anyone knows about/has tried ?

the closest place i've been able to research is a brewpub (gotta like that!) in spring hill (west coast, central) called st. sebastiaan, and possibly a french place in winter park on park ave?

are my expectations too high when it comes to wondering what pommes frites are all about? do they beat mickey Ds?

i LOVE matchstick style fries. lately, my favorite fast food fries are steak and shake.

many, many years ago, i remember a fast food sort of place in the jacksonville environs (regency mall area) that served PB&Js and they had the best matchstick fries......those were da bomb!

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  1. J. Alexanders in Tampa has awesome skinny/crispy fries...

    And 'Smashed Potatoes'... ---their chunky, buttery, garlikky, mashed potatoes...
    They give you a huge pile of whichever you order with your Bacon Swiss Burger!...

    1. can't recommend a place in central florida, but usually when 'steak frites' are on a menu the fries that come with it are exactly what you are describing. sooo good!

      1. Le Bon, on Lincoln Road in South Beach, does Belgian style mussels and fries. They also have a pretty good beer list. The prices are also surprising considering the setting.

        1. Second the Le Bon suggestion. Took a group of students there during Art Basel (thanks to the suggestions here), and found it offered reasonable prices (esp. during early bird hours), good service, lovely mussels (the second best next to those I've had in Belgium, the first best being at Carrabas in Daytona Beach), my favorite Belgian beer (Chimay Rouge) and nice, if not great, fries.

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          1. re: janebold

            Mmeh. I love the mussels, the beer and the overall bang for the buck, but those fries weren't Belgian frites by a long shot as of my last visit quite some time ago.

          2. I just saw them on the menu at Fifi's Patiserrie in Orlando, served with Gruyere Cheese Sauce and House Made Ketchup.


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