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Oakland Trader Joes

I don't know if this has been posted yet, or if this is the right area. Drove by the old Albertsons on College in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland today. There is a liquor license application posted on a board in front of the parking lot in the name of TJs. For me, this is great news. I can walk to this store, I can alternate purchases with nearby Market Hall, this is a great addition to the neighborhood. Of course, parking will be a nightmare, but it always is at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Berkeley Bowl.

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  1. There has been a spate of TJs activity in the Bay area recently. The Lakeshore /Oakland(Albertsons) TJs is almost ready to open, after about 4 months of preparation. The Walnut Creek (Albetsons) TJs was turned over in a matter of weeks. I hope this one is fairly quick, as this is already a grocery buliding/ zoning/ area, just need to clean it up and open the doors. The Berkely location has the makings of a saga.

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      Wow! Nothing for all those months and now it's almost ready to open?! Re-wow! This is the end for me. I'll now weigh 500 lbs from eating the dark chocolate orange slices and the Semiprecious Stone Wheat Thins.

    2. That is INCREDIBLE news, thanks so much for posting! I hoped and hoped that that old Albertsons would become a Trader Joe's, but I didn't think I would be that lucky.

      1. Thanks for posting this information. This is wonderful news! I've been a 4 year resident of Rockridge and have been dreaming of this day!

        1. Well, now it's official. Opening targeted for "late 2007".


          1. And now noted on the "coming soon" page of the TJs website.

            1. Just a reminder that there is parking in the evenings and on weekends at the Rockridge BART station parking lot across the street from the proposed TJ's on College Ave. Like many others I will shop at both Market Hall and at TJ's (much like I do now) but I will be able to walk from one to the other instead of drive.

              1. Trader Joe's. Think "generic versions of safeway junk food" plus a few additional kinds of bland packaged factory food.

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                  This is slated to open on October 26, 2007

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                    Lakeshore also opens on October 26.

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                      Lakeshore is definitely on track to open on the 26th, but there's a small possibility that Rockridge might be slightly delayed. I'll keep y'all posted.

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                        I just talked to the Captain of the Rockridge store last night and she says everything is a go for next week. Enjoy!

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                      Actually, anything with the "Trader Joe's" label is guaranteed not to have any preservatives, and nothing artificial. I realize that doesn't mean much these days, however it does narrow the playing field b/w TJ's and other mega-marts. The bottom line for me is that it means far fewer labels to read when choosing products. Also, they treat their employees well and pay a decent wage, which is more than I can say for most other grocery stores.

                    3. I just got this sent in an email:

                      Please join us in a grand opening celebration for the most anticipated grocery store ever--Trader Joe's on Lakeshore Avenue. At 8:15 a.m. there will be a lei cutting and general jubilation. Then you can start shopping!

                      Normal store hours are: 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

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                        The Trader Joe's web site finally shows opening dates of October 26th for BOTH Lakeshore & Rockridge. Yeah!!

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                          Was that for October 26th? You don't mention a date.

                        2. Did anyone attend the grand opening??? How was it?

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                            No, but we wandered down around 4:30 just to observe the looooong lines of vehicular traffic, the checkout line (one long line snakes around to the bank of registers), sampled the apple pie and coffee (both VERY good), and marveled at the hordes acting as though they never saw a TJ's before.
                            The aisles are looooong and narrow--not my preferred layout for a store.

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                              I was at the Rockridge Trader Joe's at around noon and the crowd wasn't bad at all, and there certainly wasn't a queue at the checkout line. The store seems to be smaller than the Emeryville and El Cerrito ones, but I really enjoyed the bright atmosphere. The staff was also very friendly and helpful. It's certainly a nice change to Safeway and Berkeley Bowl (now there's a crowd!), not to mention a great addition to the neighborhood. Here are a few snapshots of the store.

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                                Lakeshore will always have a line, but it will move fast. They're using a single line to feed all of the registers.

                          2. Parking at Whole Foods in Oakland was a breeze yesterday. There are 2 levels and at 2 pm on Sat there were vacant spots even at the 1st level.

                            The place is fabulous. There are so many things going on there that it's hard to just drop in and leave. If you go hungry, there are many venues to satisfy any craving.

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                              actually the quality of food there is completly substandard, the produce is old, the cheese is poorly conditioned, and the fish is skanky

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                                What does it mean that the cheese is poorly conditioned? (I both don't know what you mean and have no opinion of the truth of your statement--but I live near one of the new ones and was hoping to use it when I lack the time to get out to cheeseboard.

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                                  The cheeses are precut and vacuum sealed, which kills most cheeses. If you live near the Lakeshore TJ's, consider getting your cheese at Arizmendi - the selection is limited, but they're at least labeled with the day the cheeses were cut and and wrapped, and I've never been disappointed with a cheese that was cut and wrapped within 2 days of purchase. If you live near the Rockridge TJ's, get your cheese at Rockridge Market.

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                                    By the way I am refering to the post above about Whole Foods, not Trader Joes, but read on if you knew that.
                                    What I mean (about poorly conditioned cheese) is that it is not aged or stored in a competent manner. the cheese either gets an ammonia like taste for soft cheeses,for other cheeses,it ends up with what some cheesy loving people refer to "refrigerator smell". If you have alot of experience with cheese, like any other perishible product, you begin to recognize signs of poor handling just by looking at it. As to the so called "truth"of my statement, all statements are matters of opinion there is no "truth". But you can find out for yourself how crappy the quality control at Whole Foods has become over the last 5 years, as they expand too quickly, by purchasing a variety of their stuff yourself. On the other hand you might love it and more power to you.

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                                      Oh, oops. Thanks for the correction. I was thinking about TJ's.

                                      I find that I can do ok at Whole Foods, if I use the same rule (only buy cheeses that have been cut within two days. I allow a few more days for hard, grating cheeses, and I won't buy Stilton unless I taste it and it's cut right in front of me, but almost everything else seems to be ok if it was recently cut).

                              2. Just got back from the TJ's in Rockridge. What a nice store! Small, yes, but well stocked (of course) and friendly employees. They must've picked the "cream of the crop" from the surrounding stores. It was not too crowded from 9-10. Started picking up around 10:30 this morning.

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                                  In my experience, if you're in line by 10:15 am, there's not usually much of a wait on Sundays at my local store (Alameda). But after that, it's the busiest shopping day of the week and lines can get long.

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                                    Lucky you! The store I worked at for 5+ years in So Cal was packed from the moment we opened the doors to the moment we closed them, 7 days a week!

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                                    I stopped by the Rockridge store yesterday afternoon. The one downside is that the store does seem a little smaller, but all the TJ's "sections" are more or less there, so it's not an issue.

                                    What I like is that the store seems better laid-out than El Cerrito and Emeryville, i.e. more spacious. Maybe not the most efficient allocation of space, but it seems like it could handle a crowd more easily than the other two, which turn into riot zones at peak hours.

                                    TJ's remains #1 in my grocery-chain power rankings. Since we'll probably never see one in Berkeley, I'm glad to have them nearby in Rockridge.