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Five Spice Cafe, Burlington VT, fire

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Kitchen fire today at the Five Spice Cafe in Burlington has pretty much destroyed this long-established restaurant. It has been ruled accidental, but with damages estimated at $750K according to the local news report, this can't bode well for the restaurant's future.

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  1. Too bad! That was a favorite of ours when visiting friends in Burlington.

    1. Thanks for the update. I think updates like this are just as important as food op'eds.

      1. Ouch, that was one of my favorite places in Burlington. Hope they can sort this out with insurance, otherwise, I hope the staff manage to find good positions at some of the other good places around there.

        1. So sad. I will miss the dim sum.

          1. had recently changed owners...

            1. A friend and I were talking about how we needed to get there for dim sum soon. Too bad we waited. :-(

              1. Too bad. Always and OK place to go. The tables were elbow to elbow very much like Leunig's... Food was hit or miss the last couple of years- Not what it used to be.

                The Burlington FD should be commended for saving the rest of the block!

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                  I'm glad you said that. Five Spice food weirdness aside, that building is shoehorned into the block. A lot of memories went up in smoke but many, many more people would be out of work if the fire dept. hadn't jumped on it as quickly as they did.

                2. I only ever encountered really, really, bad food there. It is no culinary loss, though I feel bad for those whose livelihood has been compromised.