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Jan 27, 2007 02:07 PM

Birthday Dinner Monday Night

I need to find a great birthday dinner restaurant in a day and a half! I'd love somewhere delicious with a comfortable, relaxed environment that can seat a group of 12 and where the dinner doesn't have to cost over 20-25 bucks without drinks. Preferable in the East Village, Greenwich Village or West Village.


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  1. Cafecito - Cuban resto on Ave. C bet. 11th and 12th St.
    Just not sure if they can accomodate your group tomorrow.
    Most entrees there are less than 14 bucks and appetizers are going for around 5 bucks.
    Went there with a group of 12 before Christmas and total bill was just over a 100 inclusive of drinks and everyone just ended-up paying 20 to 25 bucks each depending on what drink you had with your meal. Service can be sometimes slow though...but, Monday is usually not a busy night for them and the food is solid...nearby Esperanto on Ave. C. corner 9th St. will work too and is bigger but food there is not as good but, there drinks mojitos are quite popular and reasonably priced as it's a tad more festive. cafecito can be more romantic than festive as it is a smaller space.

    1. I just had my bday dinner last week for 12 people at Room 18 in Soho. They made it very special for us and set up the back banquet area and gave us our own waitress to attend to everyone. With a lot of alcohol and excellent food, the bill was only about 50.00 per person. I highly recommend this place and there are many wine bars within a block.