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Pomegranate Martini Recipe

1 part Vodka (I prefer Absolute)
1 part Trader Joe's Organic pasteurized Pomegranate juice
juice of one half lime

Shake in martini shaker with lots of ice.

Serves 1. Yum!

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  1. Sounds more like a pomegrante sour. Of course I am a traditionalist, a martini is only a martini if it has gin and vermouth. :-)

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      I'm with you. It's a cocktail, not a martini, unless it is only gin, vermouth, and bitters.

    2. 2 oz. Absolute peach vodka
      3/4 oz Monin Pomegranate
      1/4 oz fresh oj
      shake & strain into cocktail glass

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        anyone know where I can buy the Monin Pomegranate? Is it in stores? Thanks!

      2. I made pom cocktails recently and they were a hit. Pom juice, vodka and triple sec. Don't worry about portions, just mix a bit of each and you are set. Or pour one for yourself and adjust accordingly. Cheers!

        1. This is hardly a cocktail but I found a fantastic aperitif is pom juice plus champagne (you can even use the cheap stuff). Made a pitcher for a party and it was a huge hit.

          1. You've got to try this one - the PomIranian. WOW.


            A teeny bit more work but oh, so worth it....

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              I've actually made the Pomeranian. It's really really good.

            2. I grow pomegranates at home in Oakland. It's a beautiful tree and produces several quarts of arils in October; due to climate, they are stronger and not as sweet as the commercially available varieties.

              You can get good pomegranates this time of year in the farmer's markets.

              Here's a purist recipe with gin and without the sour:

              2-3 parts gin (Plymouth, Hendricks, Sapphire)
              1 part Pama liqueur
              shake over ice; garnish with pomegranate arils

              If that's too dry, can add pomegranate syrup if you can find one made with real pomegranate (Monin is OK, not great). I make my own with The Perfect Puree's frozen pomegranate-thaw and stir in enough sugar to saturate fully (about 4 to 1).

              If it's too strong, can add Pom juice (or squeeze your own in season).

              I also have a daiquiri and punch if anyone is interested.

              1. Not a martini but a great Christmas coctail:

                Seeed two pomegranites (hint: cut the pom in a bowl filled with water. Then seed the pom under the water. You won't stain anything this way)

                Soak the seeds in enough brandy to cover and add the zest of one orange.

                Place the soaked seeds in a champainge glass and cover with a bubbly white wine, prosecco, Champaigne, or Cava.

                When the seeds are all gone, pour the remaining brandy into a nice snifter and enjoy. Waste not, want not.