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Is one churro better then another?

I was wondering, with the mass production of churros at pretty much every theme park and fair is every churro the same? I never really had one at one place then another someplace else and really gave that any thought. That maybe this one was better then the other.

Perhaps it's simply an item that is so generic that really there is no way to get it wrong or improve upon it. But I can't help but wonder, is there such a thing as the BEST churro? Or for that matter, can you think of someplace where you had the WORST one?

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  1. Absolutely, my lads and I like the ones at the plaza end of Olvera St. and while we like most of the stuff at Vallarta Markets; the churros that we tried at the new Vallencia stores bakery a couple of days ago were awful!

    1. I guess it depends on how particular you are.
      A churro's basically like a donut. Does the differences in donuts mean anything to you,or for you, is a donut pretty much a donut?
      Churros for me, mostly require that the batter be reasonably fresh, that the oil in the fryer be clean and fresh, and that the churro gets to me very shortly after it comes out of the fryer...

      BTW, A "concession food industry" site I just looked at noted an effort to increase the "demographic appeal" of churros by calling them "fritter stix" (except if you're selling them at a zoo, in which case they urge you to call them "Tiger Tails"!)

      1. I've had a bad churro; it was stale and firm. Couldn't finish it.


          Modern science is bringing us the FILLED churro! (or ""fritter stix") (Cream,custard, caramel, or jelly!) Elvis and Homer Simpson would be proud!

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            Wow...I think even my computer just started salivating.

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              Maybe it's not modern science, but the ever-present pull to return to one's roots, but the filled churro isn't so new: I had a *chocolate* filled one at a fair in Spain last fall. I guess it was their homage to dipping churros in thick hot drinking chocolate, which has been a tradition for many years there.

              Anyway, I don't know why'd you'd mess with jelly when you can have chocolate...

              1. Maybe you should leave the theme park churros behind!

                The best churros I've ever, ever had were at the Alameda Swap Meet. Fresh, hot, sugary, insanely delicious. Lots of other great food choices there as well. 4501 S Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90058

                I've also heard good things about the churro truck often found around Echo Park, but have yet to sample their delights.

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                  Yeah... along the same line is El Mercadito in ELA on 1st and Lorena... They have lots of sweets vendors out front... I can't make it out of there without a major churro craving... LOL! :)


                2. Grand Casino Bakery in Culver City (on Main Street) makes a tasty churro ...

                  1. I enjoy the churros at Costco's outdoor (no membership required) food court, especially if you can get them early in the day or when they are just pulled from the fryer. They go good with the bargain-priced hot dogs, pizza slices, and soft-serve ice cream sundaes that they also have.

                    1. No, not generic at all. There's manufactured churros, just as there's manufactured cafeteria pizza or frozen street vendor pretzels. And there's churros made with love. I recently tried the ones at Gabbi's Mexican Kitchen in the City of Orange, and thought they were awesome. Our esteemed chow colleague elmomonster tried it when the churro guy was still newly hired, and hadn't found his groove yet.

                      Here's what I said about it on my blog:
                      "Now let me puff up the churro maker’s head a little. Its crisply fried, cinnamon sugared crust yields to an ever-so-slighly loose, custardy center. They’re served with a not-too-sweet, dark chocolate sauce and a crackalicious, sweet-bitter burnt caramel sauce. The menu should simply say: “Sugar coated, deep fried, hot sex dunked in liquid crack.” If you see some destitute addict hanging out at the back door in dessert withdrawls, that would be me."

                      Entire post here: http://professorsalt.com/2007/01/16/f...

                      Here's elmomonster's take, with photos: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com/2006/...

                      1. The difference between a mass-market, theme park churro and one that is fresh from the fryer is the difference between night and day. Unlike a donut, a churro has at most a half hour before it becomes stale. Most of the churros sold in a cart are stale, unless there's a deep fryer in sight. The churreria at Olvera street (by the glass blower) used to make the best ones I've ever had, but it's been a while so I can't say the place is still there.

                        1. There are Two major Churros companies the Big 800 lb. Gorilla J&J's Tio Pepe, which is a dense version designed to heat fast and withstand the rigors of time in those portable carts, theme parts, beach, etc. so obviously there's a major concession to freshness. And California Churros a small player, they have filled churros and are the twisted ones at Costco, obviously not as good as fresh, but a much closer second. The best, when you see a stand where they are pushing star shaped batter right into a fryer. Some will fill them also.

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                            Any suggestions of locations where they fry them to order?

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                              they used to be fried to order at olvera street (well, almost, you could wait until the dude made a fresh batch since there was a high turnover),but it's been many years since i've been there. someone told me the churro shop by glass-blower closed down. can anyone verify?

                          2. yes there is such thing as THE BEST churro, HANDS DOWN. and its located in a little shop on redondo pier (well backside of the pier). They deep fry the churros RIGHT THERE and they are thicker and MUCH better than any other churro I've had. they are just SO incredibly good!! sorry, dont know the name of the place but its this little shop that JUST sells churros.

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                              I forgot about that place. It's down the wharf from Quality Seafood, right? It's been a while, and I recall it's pretty good. But Gabbi's in Orange made a far bigger impression on me.

                            2. the best churros i've had have been from street vendors in l.a.

                              1. during the immigration marches in downtown l.a., broadway was swarming with vendors selling churros from shopping carts. EXCELLENT.
                              2. churro truck in echo park. i refuse to disclose the location. if you know it, you know it. it's glorious. 8 pieces for 2 bucks.
                              3. paying anymore than $1 for a churro (much like a taco) means you are getting ripped off. General rule of thumb.