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Jan 27, 2007 12:07 PM

Any savory ideas for lots of egg yolks?

I make a lot of egg white omelets, and keep throwing away the yolks. I was thinking of starting to save them for a later use, but all I can think of are desserts like creme brulee, custards, etc. I'm not eating much sugar at the there something savory I could make with a bunch of egg yolks? Also, how long will the yolks keep in the fridge? Can I freeze them?

Thanks in advance...

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    1. You can freeze the yolks, for about a month in ice trays,break yolk, add pinch of salt to each cube. You can make Hollandaise sauce and add spices,shallots,peppers.It can be as savory as you like,use it like a dip or on meats.

      1. Mayo? Though that doesn't really fall into the healthy category.
        You could always use it as a binder in other foods...

        1. Man, if you're making egg white omelets, why would you want to cook the yolks?

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            Yeah, if you're not averse to eating egg yolks, why not just enjoy them in your omelettes?

          2. my initial thoughts were hollandaise sauces or savory custards