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Any savory ideas for lots of egg yolks?

I make a lot of egg white omelets, and keep throwing away the yolks. I was thinking of starting to save them for a later use, but all I can think of are desserts like creme brulee, custards, etc. I'm not eating much sugar at the moment...is there something savory I could make with a bunch of egg yolks? Also, how long will the yolks keep in the fridge? Can I freeze them?

Thanks in advance...

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    1. You can freeze the yolks, for about a month in ice trays,break yolk, add pinch of salt to each cube. You can make Hollandaise sauce and add spices,shallots,peppers.It can be as savory as you like,use it like a dip or on meats.

      1. Mayo? Though that doesn't really fall into the healthy category.
        You could always use it as a binder in other foods...

        1. Man, if you're making egg white omelets, why would you want to cook the yolks?

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            Yeah, if you're not averse to eating egg yolks, why not just enjoy them in your omelettes?

          2. my initial thoughts were hollandaise sauces or savory custards

            1. put them in angel food cake with half the sugar,they sell these at an oriental grocery I go to.But I think they add alot of protien to the cake and you can shove alot of yolks in it.Mabye put some dates or fruit in it youd have a meal all in one.

              1. just make traditional omelettes and enjoy yourself instead of thinking of what to do with the leftover yolks. ok, cheaky comments aside, at the restaurant we keep the separated yolks around for max three days i think.

                1. A personal trainer I once had said she saved the yolks for her Portuguese mom so she could make bread pudding. Maybe try something like that?

                  1. Not for you, but egg yolks are great for doggies' coats, if you've got one...

                    Also, not for you, but if you've got kids, or like to paint yourself, there's a method for making Egg Yolk Paint

                    Toss into fried rice... not healthy and egg whites are a fine substitute in these recipes too, so I don't know if that suits your interest

                    Mix them into fillings for ravioli

                    Spaghetti Carbonara

                    Asparagus in Sauce http://english.incucina.tv/ricette/29...

                    Cheese Fondue with Truffles http://english.incucina.tv/ricette/29...

                    Fontina Risotto http://english.incucina.tv/ricette/29...

                    1. -----

                      I would rethink the process over, then get the all egg white product that is normally found next to the Egg Beaters crap.

                      In my opinion, when we crack the raw shelled egg, the entire contents need to be used/cooked within a few hours or discarded. Contamination risks follow the more the raw egg is handeled thereafter. So much in this "saving" process is to be desired and it is one hassle to avoid and be safe at the same time.


                      1. I just made a Wolfgang Puck recipe for fresh pasta made with 8 egg yolks. That would use them up quickly. It was very rich and good, by the way.

                        1. As someone who doesn't like to consume egg yolks (or at least, not at the rate I like to consume omelettes...), I sometimes make gelato with the leftover yolks, especially if I'm having omelettes a few times in one week. I know you said you don't want to have sweet, but what I do when I have the time is make gelato and just store it for bringing to friends. That way I have neither wasted nor consumed the yolks.

                          1. I love madelleines, and custard. I would use them for that.

                            1. Thanks for all the ideas. I know it sounded like a strange request, but I like to have protein the mornings, and don't want to have egg yolks *every day*...but an occasional treat with something rich would be fine. Hence wondering if I could freeze them for later, etc. Thanks again!

                              1. I know someone said carbonara, but that's the first thing that came to mind. but not just carbonara but lots of pasta dishes, an fresh pasta too. i lived in rome for a while and the eggs were so rich and orange, i used to throw them into everything. just put a few in a big bowl and mix them up with parm or pecorino, lots of back pepper, and then toss in some pasta, with a little cooking water maybe. this is a great quick dish, and good with leafy greens in it... or artichokes, etc.

                                also, maybe whisk them into soup or poach them on top?