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Jan 27, 2007 11:48 AM

Bonnie's Burger

My wife was otherwise occupied for the day, my errands were finished early, and visions of cheeseburgers were dancing in my head - so what's a guy to do?

Continue his tour of recommended best burgers that's what.

So I make my way down to 5th Avenue and 1st Street and discover that Bonnie's is only half full at 2:00PM. The place is nicely underlighted and very toasty warm. I take a stool at the counter and order up a medium rare cheeseburger with cheddar cheese, fries and a Blue Point Winter Ale. I pull out my book and read while I await the burger.

The Blue Point ale arrives right away and one sip tells me that's it's the perfect accompaniment. After a short wait the burger arrives - it's a big one, I guess close to 8 oz, - and nicely shaped. I had watched it being cooked on the grill and now note the nice char and the loads of cheddar that tops it. It's on a poppy seed bun that's nicely sized to cover the burger. The first bite tells all - super juicy, nicely salted and just the right about of red/pink interior. Did I say super juicy? And that bun did it's job is soaking up those juices also. I used a little bit of chipotle mayo on the bun.

Hand cut fresh fries came with and they too were perfectly done - salty, crisp exteriors and hot just right mushy on the inside.

I also ordered sauteed jalapenos on the side which I ate with the fries. Now that's a nice taste treat!

All-in-all a very pleasant one hour plus at Bonnie's. The burger lives up to it's reputation. I will return.

P.S. I have read in the past that the quality of the burger sometimes has to do with who is the grill man. I have nothing to compare this with but my guy was a young, clean shaven dude with a blue Yankees cap on. He knew what he was doing.

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  1. I miss Bonnie's since I moved out of Brooklyn!!!! You've just reminded me that I need to get back there. The wings also live up to their reputation!

    1. my daughter and i had 2 perfect burgers from bonnie's tonite- absolutely delicious- my fave burger in the hood for sure... great wingzzzzzzzz tooooooooooooo

      1. that young guy is new, and doing a great job.
        that was a fine description of Bonnies...and I can only recommend that you try the jalepenos ON the burger with cheddar, and use that chipotle mayo on your fries.

        They also serve a good green salad (ginger peanut dressing, mmmm. ask for it.) and a terrific catfish burger (best WELLdone)

        I love those guys - they never disappoint me.

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          I love Bonnies. Another one of my favorite burgers in the city.

          And, as someone mentioned, the buffalo wings are top notch. The medium level sauce is tasty and spicy enough to give a good kick but not interfere. And the wings are always crispy, not soggy. The wings are just like you get in upstate NY. (Although I did once make the mistake of ordering them hot, and it was too mouth was on fire to the point that I couldn't taste the wings anymore.)