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Jan 27, 2007 11:48 AM

Cube marketplace, cheesebar and cafe

I was watching Your LA on tv the other day and they were doing a lil ditty on this place.
It is located at 615 N Labrea, in los angeles. Have any of you been and if so, what did you think of the place?

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  1. We really enjoyed it... Their dishes are not to pricy and still rather inventive. They are casual, open for lunch. We REALLY liked the market, they are well priced and carry some great stuff including things from Armando Batalli! Further, they are BYOB and ENCOURAGE it... even at lunch time... LOL!!

    The only thing is that the service can be a little light (it's NOT a fancy place, more like a good place to stop for a bite) and the counter service for cheese and Charcuterie is rather slow and not so indepth as some place the BH cheese shop, you have to kinda know what you want (They do have a great guide by the counter).

    Still we really like it for the location, the price point and would go again WITH friends! :)


    1. I really enjoy Cube, especially the BYOB and the tasty cheeses and meats.
      Since it is not just a restaurant but also a gourmet market, you can purchase something if you really like it. My most favoritest item is the mole salami.

      1. I used to live in Cube's neighborhood and right before I left LA became obssessed with the place - if you like cured meats and cheeses generally, it is a GREAT little spot. Very casual and not the most experienced service of all time, but the price is right, the food delicious, and it's a very friendly environment. My one complaint was the lack of a very nearby wine store, but that is hardly Cube's fault and both Ralph's and Trader Joe's are just a few blocks down on La Brea. 100% worth a visit.

        1. they have, hands down, the best selection of charcuterie in the city. better even than bhcs.

          1. Stopped here for an early dinner last night and absolutely LOVED it!! The cheese and charcuterie (that our waiter recommended) were fabulous. We also ordered the lasagna and pumpkin squash with a sage butter sauce. YUMMY!!!!!!!! Will definitely be back.