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Cube marketplace, cheesebar and cafe

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I was watching Your LA on tv the other day and they were doing a lil ditty on this place.
It is located at 615 N Labrea, in los angeles. Have any of you been and if so, what did you think of the place?

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  1. We really enjoyed it... Their dishes are not to pricy and still rather inventive. They are casual, open for lunch. We REALLY liked the market, they are well priced and carry some great stuff including things from Armando Batalli! Further, they are BYOB and ENCOURAGE it... even at lunch time... LOL!!

    The only thing is that the service can be a little light (it's NOT a fancy place, more like a good place to stop for a bite) and the counter service for cheese and Charcuterie is rather slow and not so indepth as some place the BH cheese shop, you have to kinda know what you want (They do have a great guide by the counter).

    Still we really like it for the location, the price point and would go again WITH friends! :)


    1. I really enjoy Cube, especially the BYOB and the tasty cheeses and meats.
      Since it is not just a restaurant but also a gourmet market, you can purchase something if you really like it. My most favoritest item is the mole salami.

      1. I used to live in Cube's neighborhood and right before I left LA became obssessed with the place - if you like cured meats and cheeses generally, it is a GREAT little spot. Very casual and not the most experienced service of all time, but the price is right, the food delicious, and it's a very friendly environment. My one complaint was the lack of a very nearby wine store, but that is hardly Cube's fault and both Ralph's and Trader Joe's are just a few blocks down on La Brea. 100% worth a visit.

        1. they have, hands down, the best selection of charcuterie in the city. better even than bhcs.

          1. Stopped here for an early dinner last night and absolutely LOVED it!! The cheese and charcuterie (that our waiter recommended) were fabulous. We also ordered the lasagna and pumpkin squash with a sage butter sauce. YUMMY!!!!!!!! Will definitely be back.

            1. Just an update, went to Cube for the first time tonight (to sit and eat; I've been before to buy Salumi salumi). To those on the board who say ho hum, then make sure they deliver the specials menu to your table (they forgot this at first with us). Not only was the charcuterie out of this world--we had wild boar sausage, the mole salami from Salumi salumi, and the freshest bresaola I've had in the States, along with a Vermont sheeps cheese called Dandy and Cabrales--but the specials tonight were very, very beautiful. I had the papparadelle with oxtail ragu, my wife had the braised pork shoulder with peaches and blackberries, served with mustard greens, and incredible polenta--also a plate of braised greens from beets, and a salad of baby beets, peas, parmesan, treviso. We now officially love this place.

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                we were there earlier on saturday, pondered getting the oxtail but decided on something else. wish i'd gotten it now. we had a cheese and charcuterie plate, liked the mole salami and serrano ham but sadly they were out of saucisson sec. some of the cheeses were excellent, particularly the torte thingy (cant remember the name), which was sweet and spreadable, while we also tried the Dandy. the portions were a little on the small side, would be my only complaint. my partner had a caprese salad with peaches, simply divine. ive never tasted fruit so good in southern california. as for the rest, the truffled steak and mac n cheese were very poor and they don't do wine but the rest makes up for it. will definitely be coming back but will stick to small dishes next time rather than the entrees.

              2. Went there today - will only do cheese there in future.

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                  Quick question for locals who may have an answer: Is Cube good for a party of 7? I wanted to book the private dining room, but they won't allow any parties under 10 to use it. So is the general restaurant good for a Saturday night social dinner for 7 of us? From everyone's reviews and a glance at the menu, I'm definitely intrigued (not to mention the $0 corkage).

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                    Although I haven't been there on a Saturday night, I went with a party of 9 and it was fine. I would agree on making sure you look at the specials menu as the regular menu isn't that great. Definetely try some cheese, as that was one of the highlights.

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                      Thanks in advance for the specials suggestion! I just made a reservation there for our party of 7 or so, on a Saturday night. I'll report back! I'm looking forward to bringing a bunch of our favorite SB/Paso Robles wines and trying some new cheeses.

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                      Corkage policy must have changed. Website says corkage is $15 a bottle, with 2 bottle limit.

                  2. I went there for the burger, and here is a brief summary of what I encountered at Cube.

                    At $18, this was a pricey burger. It would have been a poor value even had it been excellent, because the portion was really quite small. In fairness, I ate only about a quarter (three bites) of this cheeseburger, and I sent the rest back. Cube did everything right from a service standpoint. They offered to refire the dish, but I really didn’t want to wait an additional 20 minutes and chance another inedible dish. They did comp the burger and the side of charred broccoli that I stole from my dining partner. The broccoli was delicious.

                    The cheeseburger at Cube Marketplace and Café was a lot like the 2004 Lakers where Shaq, Kobe, Gary Payton, and Karl Malone couldn’t bring it home. All the ingredients were in place, but Cube just couldn’t make it work.

                    Burger Review: Overcooked, small, and way too expensive.


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                      Well, I wouldn't go to Cube for the burger. (I haven't had it, just that's not what I think of when I think of Cube.)

                      I go to Cube for the fantastic, unpretentious, friendly, informative wine, cheese and charcuterie service. Their wines by the glass are great and they are passionate about them; the cheese is treated right (NOT KEPT STRANGLED IN TWO LAYERS OF PLASTIC WRAP) and varied, and the charcuterie is top-notch.

                      If you're a wine fraud like me, Cube is a great place, because it removes that "OMG I HAVE TO LOOK LIKE I KNOW WTF I'M DOING" from the ordering of wine.

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                        Actually I thinkk earlier in the year it got named Best Burger by a big magazine and if you go at Lunch, they tout it quite a bit....

                        But I agree... wine and cheese is the reason to go to cube (our most recent there as good, but not completely memorable except for the cheese plate). and their WONDERFUL marketplace including Jeni's Ice Cream! hmmmmm...


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                        Went to Cube Marketplace a couple of weeks back to try the burger which I found to be very tasty, cooked exactly as ordered but I'll agree it was way overpriced.

                        615 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036