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In search of: Bake and Shark

Help! I'm a fan of Trini food (especially doubles), but *really* want to try out Bake and Shark. (I live in the Bronx, so I've got to know it's available, before actually trekking all the way out to--say--Queens.) Anyone know where I can find it?


--Janet (Gaijin Girl)

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  1. Man, I love Bake & Shark, pretty much my favorite Trini food. But I don't recall seeing it in New York yet. It's not even all that common in Trinidad except at the beach.

    1. Haven't been a long time, but Sugarcane on Flatbush used to have it on their brunch menu, served with about four different sauces. It was great, and much fresher than most bake joints around the city. (Then again, it is a breakfast item, and I've only gotten bakes at lunchtime elsewhere, so it's likely that they've been sitting around for a while.)

      1. A couple of years ago, there was a trinidadian restaurant on Ninth Avenue in Manhattan in the lower 40s/upper 30s. Not sure if it's still there.

        Otherwise, you could check out Nostrand Avenue in Crown Heights, where many Trinis reside.

        Beyond that, you'll have to fly down to Maracas Bay where the real stuff can be had.

        1. Thanks, Hellgate and Lambretta! I just did a search on menupages for Brooklyn. (Right now, Sugarcane doesn't appear to have it on the menu - at least the one that's posted. But...another place called Justin's Island Cuisine does...so that looks like a lead to follow...!)

          1. If that's the Justin's in Downtown Brooklyn, they have it on the menu but you may want to call ahead. They've only had codfish and bake whenever I've gone in the AM. That said, Justin's is a nice inexpensive option for Trini and Guayanese food in Downtown Brooklyn.

            1. Just there today..."A & A Bake & Doubles" on Nostrand Avenue right off Fulton Street...the doubles (with heat) are great as ever. Bake & Shark on the menu. With "Ali's Roti" just around the corner, you'll hit the daily double going to both on the same trip.

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                A&A has it listed, but I've never seen them actually have it. That said, I go at lunch time, and it's a breakfast thing. I've just given up ordering it - their bakes are a bit overly greasy, anyways. One of my favorite lunch meals is a quick jump on the A train from Downtown Brooklyn to Bedford Nostrand, a potato and channa roti (with pepper and tamarind) and Peardrax from Ali's, and a single doubles from A&A (with pepper of course).

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                  In agreement about the greasy bake and the saltfish was saltier than many others...but those doubles shine!

                  I'll continue getting my favorite bakes and aloo pies on Church Avenue from RAM's ROTI (between the Q and Ocean Avenue) and IN BETWEEN, near Coney Island Avenue.

                  BTW, tried a curry goat buss-up-shut from Nio's this week and was disappointed...small portion and less complex flavor than in past. And to think I took a pass on the curry goat lunch special at Sear's that same afternoon! It actually looked legit.

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                    are you talking about the lunch counter somewhere in the Sears store? I had read somewhere that it was legit but have never checked it out - where is it in the store.

                    1. re: jen kalb

                      The lunchroom, which probably serves employees at a discount, is on the third floor of the main building, next to HR.

                      They rotate the menu so curry goat may not be an everyday thing. The rice seemed fine but other dishes looked a bit gloppy and I didn't see any roti.

              2. You know - I didn't know that Bake and Shark was a breakfast thing... ! That said, I *have* wanted to hit A&A just on general principles. I'll definitely have to call ahead (like I said, I live in the Bronx, and I'd REALLY hate to make that kind of trek and strike out.) But B&S is on my definite must try list... (Personally, I love Liberty Avenue in Queens more than what I've seen of Nostrand, but I'll go whereever it takes to get the goods.)

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                  before you trek out from queens, i think the A&A on fulton is only open til 3 or 4 in the afternoon. (though ali's is open later) Don't know about the one out on liberty ave in richmond hill, tho.

                  my guess is you're more likely to find the bake and shark out in richmond hill than in crown heights.

                2. Quick followup question on the Bake and Shark - is it an "open" type sandwich (like a hero), or closed - like a Jamaican patty or empanada? I've never seen one, and I'm trying to visualize...!


                  --Janet (GG)

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                  1. Hellgate - Thanks for the info!