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Jan 27, 2007 11:32 AM

goat's milk products

quite recently i made the jump from cow's milk products to goat's and im wondering what you all think about this. ive always loved chevre (the traditional, 'normal' goat's cheese) and after doing some reading about the nutritional contents of goat's milk versus cow's i became more interested in general. today i went out and got raw (as in unpasteurized) goat's cheese (NOT chevre, this is a jack-style block cheese), and whole goat's milk yogurt. they're both quite tasty. i sometimes think i have acne reactions when i consume pretty much anything made from cow's milk and im wondering how i'll fare with these.

just looking for any related comments. thanks.

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  1. I love goat's milk yogurt-I have skin reactions to cow's milk also-not so with goat--wonder why???I love feta cheese,boursin cheese,chevre--yum,yum..

    1. cool. know any good recommendations in those categories? brands to look out for, etc? lemme know. im new to this. thanks

      1. I believe Coach brand makes a good goat's milk yogurt--the Farmer's Market on Sunday's on Ave. A and Tompkin's Square Park has a vendor who sells a great fruit flavored yogurt drink--it's unbelievable-another vendor sells nice chevre and today I sampled a nice feta there-

        1. i've had goat gouda and brie, both of which i like quite alot.

          1. i've heard about a goat's milk ice cream called LaLoo's - haven't tried it yet, but i think it's available at Whole Foods.